Introducing employee engagement in Zoho People: Gauge employee satisfaction and happiness levels like a pro

Imagine a company with a group of employees that is constantly dissatisfied at work. These employees show little interest in their jobs and, as a result, their productivity suffers. They tell their other colleagues that they don't like the work they do, which contributes to an increasingly negative work environment filled with rumors and gossip. Over time, this toxicity demotivates the entire workforce and mangles any potential for success.

It's imperative that organizations get ahead of this downward spiral by spotting signs of dissatisfaction early on and taking measures to keep employees engaged and happy. Without access to the right tools, gauging employee satisfaction in a growing business can be challenging. Metrics may not always pick up the nuances of every situation, but they can help shine a spotlight on festering or potential workplace problems.

That's why we've rolled out the Employee Engagement module in Zoho People. This new module is powered by two intuitive survey techniques, the employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) and annual engagement, to help organizations better understand the engagement, satisfaction, and commitment levels of their employees.

In this post, we'll break down the basics of both survey methods, their benefits, and how each of the surveys can be configured in Zoho People.


What is an eNPS survey? 

The eNPS measures employee enthusiasm with a simple rating system. It's based on the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which Bain & Company partner Fred Reichheld initially created to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty. It involves one core question and typically includes a follow-up question as well. The main question asks employees how likely they are to positively recommend their workplace to others on a rating scale of zero to ten; the follow-up asks the employee to comment on their rating. Employees who rate between zero and six are called detractors, and they usually provide negative feedback about the company. Employees who rate seven or eight are called passives, and they usually provide neutral feedback. Employees who rate nine or ten are called promoters. These are the most engaged employees, and they tend to promote and advocate for the organization. Check out our blog post that breaks down different aspects of the employee Net Promoter Score. 

What is an annual engagement survey? 

An annual engagement survey can provide you with extensive, in-depth, and actionable insights into how employees feel about working with your organization. Unlike the eNPS survey, annual engagement surveys allow you add up to 50 questions so that you can: 

  • Uncover the real opinions and perceptions of your employees.

  • Identify common issues. 

  • Have employees detail the processes or strategies that need improvement. 

  • Make informed decisions based on the existing employee engagement trends.


What makes eNPS surveys useful to your organization? 

Since eNPS surveys include just one or two short questions, they can be created, distributed, and completed in no time. Employers can send this type of survey out regularly to better understand employee perspectives. Because eNPS surveys are so straightforward, more employees are likely to participate, and there is much less room for errors or misinterpretation.

What makes annual engagement surveys useful to your organization? 

Since annual engagement surveys contain multiple open-ended questions, employees are invited to express their thoughts about every aspect of their organization. This type of survey provides a clearer look into HR strategies that are performing very well, moderately, or poorly. Its focus on highlighting and improving various aspects of the business can help employees feel valued and heard.


How does the eNPS survey work in Zoho People? 

There are four main steps to creating an eNPS survey in Zoho People. In the first step, all you have to do is include a question related to any of your HR strategies or organizational processes so that employees can rate their experience on a scale of zero to ten. Alternatively, you can pick questions from our question repository. You can either keep the survey anonymous, or you can let employees choose to reveal their identity. If the score they report is lesser or greater than a particular number, you can also make comments mandatory (or even disable comments entirely).

In the second step, you can either make the survey available to the entire organization, or restrict it to certain employees based on their roles, departments, location, and employee type. In the third step, you can choose to send an automated email as soon as the survey is published that notifies employees to submit their responses. You can also send another reminder email before the survey expires to make sure that your employees send in their responses in time. The final step provides a summary of the survey and a preview of how it will look for your employees. If you feel the survey is good to go, you can go ahead and publish it.

Once employees start submitting their responses, you can immediately begin tracking the average eNPS score and other information you need to create a winning employee engagement strategy. Under the Reports section, you can view the individual eNPS scores, the average score, the response rate, the number of promoters, passives, and detractors, and the number of responses received for each score.

How does the annual engagement survey work in Zoho People?

In the first step, you can provide a name for your survey and define whether it will be anonymous or identified. There's also an option to include a welcome message, which will give employees a clear idea on what the survey is about. In the second step, you can add up to 50 survey questions. You can also select questions from the question repository. Just as with the eNPS survey, the remaining steps will have you select optional access levels, set up automated emails if desired, and preview the survey.

Wrapping up 

The new Employee Engagement module in Zoho People can make tracking employee satisfaction and engagement levels so much easier for your organization, providing you with better insights to take your employee management strategies to the next level. Check out our help docs to set up employee engagement module for your organization. Give this addition a try, and let us know how it's working for you in the comments section below! For any questions, please write to


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