A look at Zoho People in 2021

If there’s one word to describe 2021, then that would be roller-coaster. This year came with its fair share of ups and downs. With the year coming to an end, we wanted to take a moment to thank our employees, partners, customers, and all our other stakeholders for supporting Zoho People and helping the product function seamlessly at every step. We’ve seen Zoho People become more comprehensive in a way that better meets the pressing needs of the HR sector, and this could not have been possible without all of your continuous support.

Zoho People in 2021 - A quick glance

As we bid adieu to the present year, we want to reminisce on some of Zoho People’s major developments during 2021:

Major features

We are constantly on the lookout to understand what our customers expect from HR software so we can introduce features and functions that truly benefit them. Here’s a quick summary of some of the major features we introduced in Zoho People this past year:

  • Consolidated Reports in Zoho People

This year, to help HR professionals make more informed decisions for your workforce, we introduced Consolidated Reports. By default, Zoho People comes with several reports pertaining to core HR processes, including attendance, leave, timesheets, performance management, and more. To provide a more cohesive working experience, we consolidated all of the reports under a single tab so that HR professionals can draw insights easily without having to juggle between different screens. All of the reports are categorized into three sections, namely Individual Reports, Team Reports, and Organization Reports. Learn more about consolidated reports in Zoho People.

  • Leave Grant in Zoho People

Zoho People’s leave management system comes with several cool features that enable organizations to define leave policies and manage employee leave requests in a way that is consistent with their organizational policies and regulations. To make our leave management system even more useful, we introduced the Leave Grant feature to help organizations manage leave requests that don’t fall under their usual leave entitlements. Paternal and maternal leave are classic examples of time-off types that could benefit from a Leave Grant. Learn more about this feature.

  • Zoho People Kiosk

Two months back, we introduced Zoho People Kiosk, a smart facial recognition application designed primarily to help onsite employees mark attendance easier. The application captures the image of the employee who is requesting check-in/out, compares it with the profile picture present in Zoho People’s server, and permits check-in/out only when the identity is confirmed. This will help you make sure only authorized employees gain access to your office building. Learn more about how Zoho People Kiosk works.

  • Performance Normalization

We had introduced a Performance Normalization feature as part of our performance management system to help organizations make sure their performance appraisals are fair and aligned with local and regional regulations. With normalization, performance administrators can adjust the ratings provided by the respective appraisers based on the ideal rating distribution for the organization. Once performance ratings start coming in, admins can see the percentage to which the ratings provided by appraisers deviate from the ideal rating distribution. Once all the appraisers submit their ratings, normalization can be initiated. Learn more about how performance normalization works in Zoho People.

  • Vaccination status in Zoho People

Employee vaccination rate is one of the most important things that HR departments now have to track. To make employee vaccine management super easy for organizations, we introduced Vaccination Status, a new feature in Zoho People. When the Vaccination Status feature is enabled, a short pop-up will show in employees’ Zoho People dashboard through which they can update their vaccination status and their vaccine certification, in the event that they are partially or fully vaccinated. This will help organizations get a clear overview of their organization’s vaccination patterns. Learn more about this feature.

Major Initiatives

To help HR professionals step up their HR game, make HR processing simple, and provide the best working experience to their employees, we developed the following initiatives:

  • Thought leadership webinars

We at Zoho People organized several webinars based on pressing HR topics with some of the HR industry’s top thought leaders. These webinars with HR experts were organized primarily to help HR professionals learn more about tried and tested HR insights and strategies that have the maximum impact for people management. For instance, we engaged with HR thought leader Andrew Spence from Glass Bead Consulting to let HR professionals know all about workforce inclusion and the correlation between employee productivity and wellness. Similarly, we had Nick Holly from Corporate Research Forum talk about HR agility. These are some of the many HR thought leadership seminars that we conducted during this year.

  • Thought leadership articles

At Zoho People, we’ve created HR Knowledge Hive, a one-stop resource hub for all things HR. Since the beginning of this year, we’ve added several articles, blogs, and infographics based on essential HR topics like HR technology selection, onboarding, performance management, employee training and development, and more. Take a look at our articles here.

  • Newsletter

Zoho People runs a customer-exclusive newsletter designed to keep our customers updated about all the important developments regarding Zoho People and the latest HR trends. Recently, we upgraded our newsletter to include sections like HR Tip of the Month, Making Work Fun, Feature of the Month, and more.

Major Awards

The awards that we receive show how much our community of employees, customers, and partners have helped our product function at its best, and we’re forever grateful to everybody who has helped Zoho People become what it is today.

Major Awards received by Zoho People in 2021

We’ve been named as a Leader by G2, a software review platform, and we’ve received the Quality Choice award from Crozdesk, a business software research platform.

What customers say about Zoho People

Thank you!

As we enter the new year, we have nothing but gratitude towards our community who stood by us during these tough times. We promise to bring more exciting features and initiatives to help the HR sector grow beyond its current boundaries and truly revolutionize employee experience. A very happy new year from all of us at Zoho People!


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