Celebrating 15 years of fostering human connections

Back in 2008, a group of like-minded individuals came together to launch Zoho's first-ever HR solution, Zoho People. It was launched with only one goal in mind: free HR teams from the hassle of managing administrative HR processes manually. Over the last 15 years, with continuous support from our employees, customers, and partners, we've successfully empowered thousands of HR teams to streamline their HR operations, reduce administrative tasks, provide an exceptional working experience to their employees, and foster meaningful human connections. On International HR Day, let's take a trip down the memory lane to see how Zoho People has progressed over the last 15 years.

Keeping pace with changing workplace trends

The field of human resources is extremely dynamic and employee expectations keep changing, so we've been striving to help HR teams stay up to date with the changing workplace trends. In this pursuit, we've transformed Zoho People from a simple HR information system to a comprehensive employee experience platform.

Since our humble beginnings in 2008, we have made it a point to receive feedback from our customers. This led us to understand their needs and make Zoho People more useful and relevant. We introduced new solutions, including attendance, leave, timesheets, performance management, onboarding, and corporate training management. During the pandemic, our product development team introduced features like Office Readiness, Employee Vaccination Status, and Facial Recognition to ensure that HR teams could help employees return to work safely after the lockdown.

Bringing HR teams and employees closer

As an HR software provider, we intend to help HR teams build better relationships with their employees and provide them with a great working experience. Over the last 15 years, we've developed a host of solutions to keep employees engaged. For instance, we have a comprehensive onboarding solution within Zoho People to get new hires up to speed and provide them with all the information they need to adapt to the company culture and their team.

Further, we introduced a case management system within Zoho People to help HR teams better manage the questions and requests they receive from employees. Employees can raise requests, track the status, and offer feedback on how their request was handled. Similarly, we also introduced an employee engagement module to help HR teams gauge the engagement, satisfaction, and commitment levels of their teams and devise better people management strategies for employees based on their feedback.

Engaging the HR community

In the last 15 years, we have regularly kept in touch with HR community members to understand their needs and help them overcome workplace challenges. We have partnered with a number of HR forums and associations to interact with professionals, understand the changing landscape, and develop solutions. Additionally, we have been organizing user group meetups in top cities to connect with our customers and help them improve their use of Zoho People.

Working alongside amazing partners

We at Zoho People joined hands with an amazing partner community to help businesses across the globe streamline their HR operations. Here's what our partners have to stay about working with us!

What's coming ahead in Zoho People?

We have some very exciting updates and features lined up for our users, and one of them is Zoho People 5.0. We will also be launching a comprehensive compensation and benefits solution. Stay tuned to find out everything about our upcoming releases!

Here's everyone at Zoho People wishing all the HR pros out there a very happy International HR Day!


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