Here's how onboarding software can help your organization

Creating a good onboarding experience is the key to integrating your new hires with your organizational culture, values, and mission. It presents employees with all the information required to excel in their new roles so that they don’t feel lost when they begin work.

What can onboarding software do for your organization?

Managing this onboarding manually is not easy. It often takes a lot of time and paperwork. Implementing intuitive onboarding software is the key to ensuring your employees’ first days at your organization are helpful and motivating. Here’s how onboarding software can simplify the two stages of onboarding:

  • Candidate onboarding

Candidate onboarding helps your new hires get accustomed to your organization even before they join. Here’s how onboarding software can improve candidate experience:

    • Facilitates communication with candidates through a dedicated portal

    • Simplifies document exchange with a central document management system and e-sign functions

    • Collects important information from candidates through intuitive forms

    • Provides candidates access to key information about their organization

  • New hire onboarding

New hire onboarding starts on the date of the new hire’s joining and goes on for at least a month. With onboarding software, all the processes that happen during this period can be automated and simplified. Here’s a glimpse of what you can do with onboarding software for your new hires:

    • Include personalized messages and words of encouragement to welcome them

    • Add documents, files, and videos that provide a gist of what your organization’s mission is and what its work culture is like

    • Showcase company goals so that new hires know what to focus on from day 1

    • Use automated emails to notify employees about any forms or other formalities they have to complete as part of onboarding

These are some of the many processes that onboarding software can help, giving you more ability to provide a seamless onboarding experience that your new hires will never forget. Read more about what onboarding software can do for your organization in our HR Knowledge Hive.


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