Overcoming the top five challenges associated with onboarding

Challenges associated with onboarding

Onboarding is essential to keeping new hires productive and encouraging them to stick with your organization for a long time. When onboarding is well-planned and glitch-free, new hires can more easily adapt to your culture and build what it takes to succeed in their role. Here are five challenges that hinder effective onboarding:

  1. Failing to communicate effectively with candidates between the time they accept your offer letter and the first day at your organization.

  2. Burdening new hires with endless paperwork, like background verification forms, offer letters, ID proofs, etc. on their very first day.

  3. Not providing sufficient details about your organization, like its culture, vision, target audience, etc.

  4. Failing to train employees on their job responsibilities and your organizational practices.

  5. Not requesting feedback from employees to understand if the existing onboarding program is effective and useful.

Read more about the challenges that hinder onboarding along with the tips to overcome them in our HR Knowledge Hive.


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