Six benefits of continuous performance review

A continuous performance review system is a great way to improve employee engagement and productivity. It makes your employees aware of their contributions toward the success of your organization. Annual performance reviews are no longer effective as employees complete a huge amount of work in a year. Managers may miss out some key achievements of their employees, and this can be demotivating.

Continuous Review in Zoho People

Here are some reasons why continuous review is beneficial. Continuous review:

  • Helps employees to understand their performance, motivating them to work better for your organization

  • Maintains your business goals and enables employees to work toward what is essential

  • Identifies skill gaps and provides meaningful training and development opportunities to your employees

  • Prevents implicit bias by allowing managers to talk with their employees regularly

  • Enhances employee engagement by making the review process a positive experience

  • Improves your organization’s bottom line by building a productive and happy workforce

In order to provide a seamless employee experience to their employees, many organizations are shifting towards continuous review. It takes the performance stress off your employees’ shoulders and builds a positive work culture in your organization. Keeping in mind these benefits, we at Zoho People have introduced Continuous Review as part of our HRMS to help you improve the performance management process of your organization.

Read more about the benefits of continuous review and the convenient features of our new continuous review option in the HR Knowledge Hive.


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