Top 5 ways to improve training participation rates

The burden of everyday tasks can sometimes demotivate your employees from attending training programs or, even worse, leave them distracted in the middle of the program.

Tips to improve training participation rates

That’s why it’s important to analyze different factors and make sure no aspect of your training is designed in a way that hinders employee experience. Here are five tips to encourage more participation in your corporate training programs:

  • Ensure that the topics you choose for your learning programs are consistent with the work your employees do. Choose topics carefully after analyzing the training needs of every team.

  • Organize employee training programs at a time when your employees’ workloads are comparatively smaller.

  • Facilitate different learning styles and mobile learning to enable employees to engage with the course at a time, from a place, and in a way that is most convenient to them.

  • Design course materials and resources in a way that is easily understandable and accessible. Keep the content simple, short, and precise.

  • Make the courses more interesting and interactive by separating the portions into different levels, offering badges and rewards, using leaderboards, and more.

Employees require proper training regularly to update their skillset and stay ahead of market trends in their industry. How you design the courses and make them more interesting plays a huge role in improving their knowledge retention. Learn more about these tips for motivating employees to participate in your learning program in the HR Knowledge Hive.


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