Get more out of your Timesheet: Zoho Projects adds new options

Since Timesheet is one of our most popular modules, we are constantly working on improving your time logging and time tracking experience. As a result, we now have an enhanced version of Timesheet with added options and a different look and feel. Here’s what’s new:


User-based timesheet views

The default timesheet view used to be Group by Date. If you are the admin or manager of a large team, you may often want to see the timesheet reports for each of your employees working across different projects. You could do that by using the filters and manually selecting the users you need. To make this even simpler, in addition to the Group by Date option, we now have the Group by User option. With this option, you get a view of the timesheet entries in all projects listed out user-wise. You can also filter the results to show only the users who have not logged time.


Reports for a custom date range

In addition to the weekly, monthly, and daily view of entries, you now have the option to select a custom date range. If you wish to view the timesheet entries for a particular period, selecting the date range will do the job for you.


Timesheet report across all projects

You can now generate a report for the whole span of all your projects. This will give you a view of how each of your projects is doing in terms of the logged hours, the budgeted amount, the invoiced amount, and the difference between the two. You can also create smaller, time range-specific reports by applying the appropriate filters.


Client-wise timesheet report across projects

This is a timesheet report of all the client companies that have been associated with your portal. You can view the projects under each client company, how many hours have been logged for each, the budgeted and the expended amount in our timesheet software.


Improvements in the Calendar and Gantt charts

We have also made a couple of useful tweaks to our Calendar and Gantt charts. The Calendar gets a makeover with better color variations and icon representations.


By default, the My Calendar and Gantt chart views display work items that only belong to you. If you are an admin or a manager who wishes to see work items of other users, you had to apply the filter to select the users you need. Now with our new enhancement, you can just close the “Me” filter to get a complete all users view.

We will continue to shape our product to give you easier and quicker access to your project data. So what do you think about these changes? We are all ears. Let us know in the comments below.


50 Replies to Get more out of your Timesheet: Zoho Projects adds new options

    1. Hi Tim, In your Home screen, you have a widget called My Timesheet which will take you to your cross project timesheet reports.

    1. Hi Javier, If you have timers running on your task, then yes, they automatically stop and the hours are recorded in the timesheet, as soon as you mark the task complete.

  1. Do I have to have sigend up to be able to see the gantt chart option, as it is not appearing on my dashboard, and I don't want to sign up until I know that Zoho is the right thing for our company

    1. Hi Jeanette, In the free version, you will only be able to view the Chronology Gantt for your project. If you'd like to evaluate Gantt charts and all its capabilities, I can give you a free trial of the Enterprise version.

  2. Is there anyway of adding time via TimeSheet to closed tasks? We want to be able to close tasks as they are completed but manually add time to them at the end of the week.

    1. Hi Kylie, You can log hours for closed tasks through the Task details page, but it is not possible to do so from the Timesheet view.

  3. Do you plan to implement also a time-estimation for tasks? That would be really helpful for controlling-purposes.

  4. Just a suggestion, a sub-total for columns when entering time by weekly would be appreciated. Other than that, overall a great update!

  5. Just a suggestion, a sub-total for columns when entering time weekly by would be appreciated. Other than that, overall a great update!

  6. YEAH! I am so excited to hear that a new iOS app is coming for Zoho Projects! Long overdue as this our primary means of monitoring work when on the road! I hope that the iOS app is iPad compatible?

    1. I chime in on having hourly rates assignable to employees and subs as well those combinations intersected with various tasks.

      1. Related to this, is it possible for the employee to vary their own hourly rate? The use case is for contractors who's rate changes dependent on what type of client they are meeting with, so they need the flexibility to submit varying rates for any given payroll period.

    2. Hi Mark, We hear you! Development work for assigning user hourly rate is underway, and the feature is expected to be released in two months.

      1. Hi Pearlyn, Is there any update on the expected release date for the function in Timesheets to assign each user on a project a specific hourly rate / multiple project related rates per user?

        1. Hello Scott, We're getting there! The feature is in its testing stages and is expected to be out by the end of September.

      2. Perfect. I have the ENTERPRISE edition and add staff/employees as needed. Will I be able to upload or input staff/employee details and rates?

        1. Yes Mark, you are right. Once the feature is released, you will be able to assign an hourly rate for each of your employees.

  7. These all look great. The time-sheet factor is a massive plus of Zoho projects but the app version is very limited. Any plans to update this or make the web version more responsive as that too really struggles on tablets when updating tasks to add time logs, re-assign etc?

    1. Hi Chris, I do understand your struggles with the web version on tablets. We may work on it in the future. That said, new Android and iOS apps are coming for Zoho Projects. This will solve most of your problems, so stay tuned!

  8. We would really value some improvements to the Gantt Charts. Particularly being able to change the tags on each line and being able to set dependencies for tasks with the same date. We would like to be able to print and send copies of the programme to clients but at the moment it doesn't print very well.

    1. Hi Peter, I agree it would be useful to set dependencies between tasks on the same date. For now, if you set your task duration in hours, then you can make a task dependent on another task with the same date.So do try that option out. I'd like to chat with you over mail regarding the specifics of your other two requirements.

  9. Tis is awesome, i just have a feature request that would be very helpful. Now, the system has 2 billing statusses as default. "Non-billable" and "Billable". If it was possible to create your own billing status, it would be perfect. Because we have different rates of our hours, depending on who timetracks. If we could have something like: "Non-billable" "Billable-junior" "Billable-Senior" Then we would be able to set different rates per hour when we generate a invoice in zoho books. As for now, we have to create 2 of the same project :( //Mikkel

    1. Hi Mikkel, Thank you for sending your request. We understand your requirement, and we definitely have plans of providing custom billing status in the future.

    1. Hi Justin, As of now, there is no way to log seconds, but I do see this as a valid request. I will relay this to our development team.

  10. Overtime entry is needed. It should be set by day week or month. If someone works over 8 hours in one day the system should be able to calculate the OT for that employee.

    1. Hi Ryan, Thank you for your suggestion, we have taken note of it. However, I must tell you this is not in our product road map right now.

      1. Too bad... I don't understand why it's such a challenge, to be honest. It's not *that* complicated to provide an option, say, after 8 hours to either apply a multiplier (usually 1.5x in the States, with California having 2x after 12 hours) or a different set rate.

  11. Any updates for adding Start-to-Start, Finish-to-Finish, and Start-to-Finish task types for project planning in the dependencies view?

      1. Hello- Any idea on when this feature might be ready? I'm interested in using Zoho for my projects, but have to have this feature for it to be worthwhile to make the switch.

        1. Hi Jessica, I'm glad you are thinking about switching to Zoho to manage your projects. You can expect this feature to be out in the first quarter of the next year. Meanwhile, I can give you a free 15-day trial of our Enterprise features for you to get a hands-on experience of using the product to the fullest.

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