Introducing the Projects-Sprints integration:  Get the best of both worlds

In project management, there is a constant struggle at identifying the best approach for work: the classic Waterfall methodology or the more flexible Agile methodology. It’s hard to find an organization that only follows either one of these. Though there may be scrum purists who would revolt against the idea of integrating Waterfall and Agile approaches, a hybrid process is often what many teams prefer. 

We recognize that Agile teams will have to work with vendors or other internal teams that may not follow the same approach, and however great certain tools may be, juggling between applications that aren’t compatible can be frustrating and cost you precious time. Which is why we at Zoho have brought two of your favorite project management tools together to offer the best of both worlds, one that’s both flexible and systematic. With this Zoho Projects-Sprints integration, bring your different teams closer than ever.

Get started right away

To get started, enable the integration from Zoho Projects and then add a hybrid project to sync the users. Pure waterfall projects can also be converted to hybrid projects if needed. This automatically creates a similar project in Sprints and going forward, any change made to this project in either Sprints or Projects will be synced across both platforms.

Are there classic tasks that the development teams don’t have to worry about? Though new tasks created in a hybrid project are added to Sprints by default, you can also create standalone tasks in Projects. These can also be converted to a hybrid task later if the need arises.

Cut your work in half

Tired of creating the same tasks in several different applications to accommodate different teams? We’ve been there, done that, too.

With the Projects-Sprints integration, any changes made to a task’s details, comments, and log hours are immediately synced across both apps, and these task specifics can be edited or deleted in either application. Timesheet entries added in one application can be approved and added to the other, depending on the approval settings you put in place.

Worried that you may end up losing data? Projects, tasks, and task attachments you delete in one application will not be deleted in the other. In such cases, the integration alone is disabled and the project, task or attachment will be a stand-alone item in the other application.

Sprint anywhere, any time

Every hybrid project has a separate ‘sprints’ tab showing the current, upcoming, and completed sprints. You can create hybrid tasks, add these directly to the backlog or to an upcoming sprint, or even start a sprint right from Zoho Projects.  

View the scrum board of a running sprint in Projects, create new work items, view its details and even complete the sprint from the board. Additionally, get comprehensive reports about how your sprints are progressing via the project dashboard and the bird’s-eye view report in Projects.  

We can’t wait to see how hybrid projects work for your organization. Try out this integration with some of your upcoming projects, and let us know what you think in the comments below or by writing to

You can also get a walk-through of Projects-Sprints integration by registering for our webinar.

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Stay tuned—we have even more exciting things in store for you soon!


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