Ride the wave with our marketing predictions for 2023

As years go by, access to technology and its expansion have been shrinking the physical borders around us. It wouldn't be an oversimplification to say our world has been reduced to 6- to 13-inch screens.

In this era, marketers' jobs aren't easy. The tech and trends around marketing have always been volatile, now more than ever.

Besides marketers' usual challenges, such as producing content that suits diminishing attention spans, targeting multiple platforms, and increasing revenue conversions, we're facing a massive economic downturn that’s already making waves in the global market.

So we asked some of our Zoho marketers to share their predictions on how the market is going to be in 2023 and what their fellow marketers can do to brave the stormy seas. These aren’t just one-sentence predictions. Our marketers have analyzed the cause of the criteria they're talking about, examined the effects, and made their predictions accordingly.

Checkout the video here: 


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