Explore the ways Zoho Sheet can help your team work together.

The next-generation spreadsheet application for better collaboration

It’s high time we bid adieu to struggling with large attachments, losing our work amid a vast array of duplicates, and transferring files every time we want to switch devices. Zoho Sheet, the cloud-based spreadsheet application, can help. Draft a sales plan, collect huge data sets, break down and analyze the numbers, and create striking reports—and do it as a team, in real time, no matter where you are.

1. Work together

Work in real time with your team

Let’s say you‘re out of town and need to prepare a report with your team immediately. Sending files to and fro just fritters away your time. This is where Zoho Sheet can come to the rescue. It helps you work with your team virtually, in real time.

2. Discuss

Comment and discuss with your team inside the spreadsheet

What good is a team that doesn’t talk things over? Ask your questions, hear out suggestions, get data from your co-workers, perform group discussions, or even have a friendly debate, all inside your spreadsheet. An @mention of your colleagues lets them know exactly what parts of your file to pay attention to.

Impressed with a teammate’s suggestion? Hit “like” to let them know. Don’t forget to resolve closed discussions to unclutter the comments panel for conversations that are still pending.

3. Keep in check

View all the changes done in your file

It can be hard to keep track of changes, especially when there are a lot of people working on your data. Audit Trail in Zoho Sheet contains a record of every change made to your file so you can look them up to discover who made those edits and when. If necessary, you can even revert back to the old version.

You get to decide who can make changes to your file. Assign permissions for each collaborator and lock down the data you want to keep untouched to avoid accidental edits. You can lock and unlock the ranges/sheets for each individual user by switching between the toggles.

Lock ranges and worksheets


Does your team like to work from different places? We won’t tether them to their laptops. Access spreadsheets on your mobile phone with the Zoho Sheet app for iOS and Android.

Download Zoho Sheet app for iOSDownload Zoho Sheet for Android


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