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Writer, Zoho Sheet | June 1, 2006 | 1 min read

In Zoho Sheet, we recently added the ability to publish your charts to any web page or blog. You can even embed these charts in a Zoho Writer document. Have a look at the Zoho Writer document below.

It embeds charts generated by Zoho Sheet. When the data in Zoho Sheet changes, this graph will automatically be updated. So the graph will always be in sync with the Zoho Sheet data.

Here is another chart from Zoho Sheet, which shows the number of blog posts in each Zoho Service.

Zoho Blogs -

To publish your Zoho Sheet chart, signin to Zoho Sheet, hover your mouse over the chart and in the chart’s title bar, click on the Publish link. You can now copy the 1 line HTML code shown and paste it on to any web page, blog or Zoho Writer document. To paste it into your Zoho Writer document, click on the “Toggle HTML Source” button in the Zoho Writer toolbar and paste the code at the desired location.

We have also fixed some issues. Now inserting or deleting rows and columns would also update the dependent formulae. More info on our What’s New page.

Update: The first screenshot above shows a document created by the passionate team at Jambav – They also blogged about Zoho Sheet today – A Zoho Trend that gives us pride!.

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