6 killer tips to nail your presentation broadcasts

Public speaking can be scary. But remote sessions can just be as intimidating as it can get. 

Undeniably, remote collaboration is a growing trend across the world and it has become a new norm for many to give presentation sessions from their home. But that doesn’t make remote delivery a walk in the park. There are many challenges that teams face.

To make things easier, we’ve put together a few effective virtual meeting tips on how to get make remote presentations a breeze using Zoho Show.

1. Initiate remote broadcasts and easily invite attendees

Create presentation broadcasts in a click and invite attendees in seconds. Simply enter their email addresses to send them an invitation link to the session.

If your teams are connected through Slack or Cliq, we’ve got you covered. Show creates a constant URL as you initiate a broadcast and you can share it across your channels with ease.

Invite participants effortlessly

2. Add slide notes to deliver ideas clearly

One of the major challenges faced during a remote session is that not everyone will have the luxury of seamless internet connectivity. If you’re worried about technology cooperating, remote sessions can become a nightmare.

Add slides notes with ease

That’s where Show’s slide notes help you to deliver your ideas seamlessly. Presenters can add important notes to any given slide and this can help your attendees get a better understanding of what you intend to deliver, even if they miss out initially.

3. Stay in sync with enhanced broadcasting view

Unlike offline sessions where you have the freedom to vary your pace with respect to the audience’s attention, online sessions don’t have such privileges. At times you may have to wait until all your audience members completely understand a particular slide. 

That’s why Show offers “Enhanced broadcast view,” where attendees can follow the slides at their own pace. Your audience can browse through completed slides without disrupting the flow of the presenter and get a glimpse of a slide.

Show’s enhanced broadcasting view

4. Assign role-based access permissions to collaborators

Show’s collaborative features goes a step ahead by giving the main presenters the option to let shared users take control of the slide deck at any time.

Request, revoke controls using role-based permissions

By doing so, users who have collaborated earlier during the slide creation process can request control to the presentation owner. Owners can grant and revoke the control from the user at any time.

5. Drive discussions and encourage participation remotely

Foster meaningful discussions using built-in smart panel and improve participation by empowering your attendees to express their views, ask questions, and clarify any confusion.

Make discussions happen around your slides

6. Allow participants to download your work

In many cases, people may want to revisit concepts days or even weeks after a talk, but don’t have access to the presentation file or the contact information of the presenter. To save time and get a clear understanding, attendees can download and save the file once the session ends.

Download and share files with ease

In times where remote work is becoming the norm, face-to-face presentations are being switched to online meetings and we hope the above tips can really help you to nail your broadcasts effortlessly.


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