Enhance your presentations with audio and video

Looking for ways to make your presentations stand out and captivate your audience? Regardless of the theme of your presentation, adding audio and video to your slides can be a great way to enhance the value of your content and pique the interest of your audience.

The power of voice and music

An audio clip gives the audience a change from hearing the same presenter for the entire presentation and gives the presenter a chance to catch their breath, overcome any jitters, and collect their thoughts.

Self-paced learning for the audience

You can also use audio for voice narration to make your presentation a standalone resource that can be viewed any time. Many people absorb content better with a voiceover that explains or reinforces what’s shown to them. For instance, a presentation on a complicated topic would be more engaging with audio narration explaining what’s being shown rather than just static slides.

Use music to spice up your slides

Adding some background music in different parts of your presentation can create an energetic vibe. Relating the text with the music in the background can also help the viewers better retain your slide content.

Lighten the mood with sound effects

While not always appropriate, there are times adding sound effects can enhance your content and make it more interesting.. For instance, in a presentation created to educate children about birds and their behavior, you could add sound effects of the different bird sounds and calls to make your presentation more informative. Adding a few funny sound effects while transitioning between topics can also help lighten the mood and keep your audience engaged.

Captivate audiences by adding videos

With shorter average attention spans in this modern day, presenters need to deliver complicated information in a concise way. One solution to this problem is harnessing the power of videos.

Video has become one of the go-to options for presenters as it is one of the most persuasive modes of conveying content. Certain ideas may be unclear when it is communicated orally. You can tell compelling stories through videos—something that cannot be replicated using any other mode of communication.

Showcase market trends with informative videos

Adding a video to represent your company’s data can convey information in a more interactive way than through static graphs and charts. For instance, an animated bar chart race showcasing monthly statistics of a product can be a lot more visually appealing than a basic bar graph.

Employee training videos

Onboarding, training, and integrating new employees is an important aspect of any growing company or product. Viewing all this content in the form of videos can help the prospective new employees retain information and get more familiar with the product.

Educational videos to supplement learning

Educators can make use of videos to deliver all the prerequisite information required for a particular topic. The time in a classroom setting can in this way be used for more hands-on application of the concept. These resources can also be viewed again by the students at any point of time.

Adding audio and video to your slides can be a great way to create quality presentations that leave a lasting impression. While these are great features that can be incorporated in your next presentation, take care not to overdo it in your slide deck—a great feature can be an advantage only if it is used in the right way. Try adding audio or videos to elevate your next presentation with Show!


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