Mastering the Art of Presentation

How often do you think about engaging your audience with an effective presentation? More than just impressing your listeners with well-crafted slides, one of the primary objectives for a presenter should be to win the hearts of the audience. After all, you make a presentation to your audience with the aim of sharing your ideas while expecting them to actively participate as well.NEW_header2

A successful rhetorician would master the art of speaking, bring positive energy and speak on any topic without stumbling. You can be one too. Here are 5 cool tips to present slides without fear, overcome nervousness and increase participation from your listeners.

Nurture the art of public speakingNurture the art of public speaking
Start with this simple practice – Public Speaking. Speak out frequently and share your ideas with your friends on a day-to-day basis. Mingle with a diverse group of people and have an open mind when you strike a conversation with them. If you become a good public speaker, you gain a lot of confidence when you give a presentation.

Know your audienceKnow your audience
You should know what your audience expect from you, to keep them engaged throughout your presentation. Investigate and research the interest areas of your captive audience before you start working on your slides. This can help your audience stay interested in what you have to say and they remain actively involved throughout the presentation.

Crux of the presentationConcisely express the crux of your presentation
An ideal way to start your presentation is to tell your audience what they can expect to learn from your presentation. People do not appreciate a long and boring introduction. Condense the most relevant information and present it to them right at the beginning.

Interact with your audienceInteract with your audience
The most important challenge for a presenter is to maintain a high level of interest among the audience. Make your session interactive. Ask them questions and encourage them to ask questions back.  If you have done your homework and got to know your audience well, you will get rewarded with meaningful participation and inputs.

Go mobileGo mobile – Take the cloud advantage
Use modern day presentation techniques. To create slides, you can use an online presentation application from our Zoho Docs suite and conveniently store them on the cloud.  Get ShowMote, our Mobile Presentation App, with which you can remote control your presentations using your own Smartphone!


2 Replies to Mastering the Art of Presentation

  1. I used ShowMote with Zoho Presentation when I conducted a Time Management seminar at our local Chamber of Commerce and it worked great. Very impressive to be able to walk around the room with my iPhone, engage with my audience and still be in control of my presentation.

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Stephen. Glad to know that you enjoy using ShowMote. And BTW, the next version of ShowMote will soon be on the App Store!

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