A match made in the cloud - Introducing Zoho Show for Confluence.

Modern teams need both creative presentations and a central hub to help get everyone on the same page. That’s why we’re excited to bring these two worlds together with our new Zoho Show app for Confluence!

Confluence is an open, shared workspace where teams can work together and break information silos. Teams can create and manage different kinds of content—from product workflows to project plans. However, when it comes to data visualization or explaining a plan of action, nothing is more effective than a presentation tool — which is where the new app comes in.

With Zoho Show you can add presentations directly into your Confluence pages. Show has a wide range of features that help you build engaging slides that hold your reader’s attention.

A complete presentation tool within Confluence
Don’t force your team to look elsewhere for slide decks and presentations. Store and organize all your project information in one place so everyone knows where to look for the answers they need. You can make all that possible without leaving Confluence. Just install the Show add-on, and authorize it within the Confluence interface to start creating your slides.

Visually appealing slides with flowcharts, animations, and more
Create beautiful, clean presentations on the cloud with little to no learning curve. Focus on your content instead of struggling with offline presentation tools and trying to ensure everyone always has the latest version. Visualize your data with Show’s extensive range of tools, including smart elements, charts, tables, and much more.

Collaborate on slides with your team in real time
The old way of managing files is a hassle: Download the file, make a change, upload the file, repeat. With Show’s cloud-based storage and collaboration capabilities, all that is a thing of the past. Plus, with Zoho Show, Confluence users get extra perks: Show presentations don’t count against your total storage limit, so you can save those megabites for other things.

Brainstorm and discuss, contextually
With Show, you and your team can work simultaneously on the most recent version of every slide till your ideas are completely polished. Inline comments ensure your discussions always have the right context. Start a conversation on which chart conveys product growth better. You can comment on any element within the slide to share your opinion.

Publish engaging Confluence pages
Most ideas need more than just words to explain. Make your Confluence pages more informative by adding presentations to them. Drop your slide deck into the text on the page, and format everything the way you want so the final published page looks clean, clear, and professional.

Zoho Show fits seamlessly into Atlassian’s app ecosystem, increasing the productivity of your projects. Offer up your ideas visually, break the monotony of long pages of text, and captivate your audience.

Start a free 30-day trial by installing Zoho Show in a single click.

Purchase this add-on for $1/user or less.

Try Zoho Show for Confluence now!


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