5 reasons to invite guest trainers to your virtual classroom

Hiring experts from outside your organization or inviting eminent speakers to conduct training is a common educational practice. Outside experts include visiting faculty in schools and colleges or an external trainer hired by coaching institutes. Inviting guest faculty to campus is an age-old practice; however, in the new normal of hosting training online, the guest trainer model is still underexplored.

Introducing Zoho ShowTime's Guest Trainer feature. Educators can now facilitate interaction between their learners and an external trainer even in a virtual classroom. Let's take a look at five ways guest trainers can help expand the scope of remote learning:

1. A new marketing opportunity:Bringing in a domain expert to your virtual classroom also means tapping in to their brand value. The expert can use their influence among the learning community and promote the session to attract more participants. This makes for effective marketing and an opportunity to expand your learner base.

2. Value addition to learners If you had to quickly move your classes online, chances are you're still using your previous curriculum. While you invest time in revamping your courses, a veteran guest faculty can help add more value to your classes. If you're in the training business, this helps you attract more learners who will be more than willing to pay for your e-learning courses.

3. Flexibility of schedulesGone are the days when you had to block out an industry expert's calendar in advance. Sometimes it even took scores of emails and several month's notice to finalize your class schedule. Now, imagine the convenience of inviting guest speakers for an online lecture. You can hold your classes without too much worry about time constraints. On a lighter note, your students will also thank you for not scheduling classes over weekends.

4. Creating new collaborationsAs a training company, your vision may be to scale your online education business internationally. One way to achieve that is to build meaningful alliances. You can collaborate with other training agencies or providers in other countries who are specialists in courses that you do not offer. You can then get their trainers to teach your learners on an ad hoc basis and grow your business.

5. Hosting panel discussionApart from regular classes by the guest faculty, you can also organize virtual symposiums or conferences. Host a panel of speakers who can discuss on a topic, even when they are connected from different locations. Your students get a wonderful opportunity to listen to diverse perspectives, right from the comfort of their homes.

We hope this article has shown you the benefits of inviting an external speaker to your next virtual training program! ShowTime's Guest Trainer capability makes it easy for your guests to connect to the session so they can focus on delivering their lessons. Read our detailed user guide to learn more.

Zoho ShowTime is a single comprehensive tool for all your virtual training needs. If you’d like to experience ShowTime for yourself, please sign up here. Follow ShowTime’s Twitter handle to stay updated about the product, as well as receive tips and tricks on how to become a successful trainer.


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