Draft and sign documents online with Zoho Sign and Zoho Writer

Draft and sign documents online with Zoho Sign and Zoho Writer

Paperwork is difficult: from preparing templates, formats, and the actual writing, to sending documents to multiple recipients, the process can be tiresome. It is doubly cumbersome if the documents require signatures.

Physical signature collection creates a long document turnaround duration, an unsafe exchange of sensitive information, and unverifiable signatures that are hard to trace and authorize. With Zoho Sign for Zoho Writer, you can customize and automate most of the documentation and signing process with a few clicks. You can experience the ease of paperless signing while automating your documentation.

Are digital signatures safe on an online word processor?
Signatures have always been typically used as a means of establishing traceability of identity and for validating written documents. Physical signatures are clearly outdated, unsafe, time consuming, and risky when working with editable as well as bulk documents. However, a digital signature is a secure and faster alternative to the traditional signing method.

Digital signatures operate using cryptographic techniques to protect a document from tampering as well as to establish the identity of the signer. They use digital signature certificates obtained from certifying authorities to "sign" a document and are legally valid across the globe. Learn more.

Digital signatures are faster, simpler, and more secure, on top of being an eco-friendly option when it comes to signing within an online word processor. Zoho Writer has built-in Zoho Sign features that can be used to elevate and quicken your documentation process. Try it for free now!

Why use Zoho Sign + Zoho Writer?
Military-grade encryption, end-to-end customization, integration with third-party apps (apart from Zoho apps), authentication from national digital identity providers, e-stamping facilities, compliance with stringent global data security and data privacy policies—that is just the tip of the iceberg of what Zoho Sign can do for your documents.

Zoho Sign is a trusted digital signature solution used by more than 40,000 companies worldwide to sign faster, simpler, safer, and paperless.You can use Zoho Sign to:

  • Create a digital signature authorized by regional and international certifying authorities.

  • Sign documents by yourself or send out documents for signing. Learn more.

  • Timestamp the document to establish audit trails later.

  • Automate field additions using text tags.

  • Enable signing through secure, public URLs that can be shared or embedded onto webpages. Learn more.

  • Authenticate recipients through various methods.

  • Customize templates.

  • Set automatic reminders.

  • E-stamp documents (currently available only in the India DC).

  • Collect payments (with the Zoho Checkout integration).

  • Enable user-friendly signing on both mobile and desktop devices across Android, iOS, and MacOS.

  • Download a detailed completion certificate.

  • Use more customization and automation features with Zoho Sign credits.

  • Authenticate identities with verified digital identity providers (like eAadhaar and Singpass).

  • Try all these using our free trial of the Enterprise version right away.

Special benefits of using Zoho Sign + Zoho Writer

Zoho Sign is built within Zoho Writer. You can use all the benefits of Zoho Sign right while you are writing. To access these features, you must have a valid Zoho Sign and Zoho Writer account or a Zoho One subscription.

Here are some features that may help you.

  • Sign template: Any uploaded or newly created document can be converted into a sign template. This allows you to sign documents, send the document out for signatures, enable sign workflows, store the signed documents, autofill fields with text tags, and explore more digital signature features.

  • Sign yourself: You can sign documents yourself using this option. Open the document you need to sign as a sign template or send a document to yourself to sign it. You can set your secure, personalized, and reusable signature blocks, and edit or resize them to fit your needs.

  • Send for signature: You can send out documents to be signed; bulk invite signers to view, sign, approve, or sign your document in person; mail or store the signed documents; and store the signing process to automate the same process later, too.

  • Tracking documents' status using View Logs: You can view the status of the documents signed or sent for signature from the View Logs section. All activities associated with signing can be viewed from Writer itself. You can see the signer and sender details, identify particular activities, the signing status, the time of the document being sent, and all of its past versions.

  • Fillable templates: Fillable templates are a feature of Writer that let you add fillable fields onto existing or newly created documents. The fields can be customized and labeled as you wish. Signer fields can also be added to create fillable templates for forms, emails, letters, and more.

  • Merge templates: Merge templates is a Writer feature that lets you create personalized emails, forms, letters, and other documents without you having to edit them for recipient-specific requirements each time. You can add or create data sources and insert tags to allow the template to extract relevant data. Signature fields can be added here too.

  • Sign Workflows: Sign Workflows help you manage and automate your signing processes. Set your recipient details, document template, and custom post-workflow actions (such as sending email notifications, collecting signer email addresses, sending Cliq notifications, saving the document in a specific location, and more) and save this format for future workflows as well.

  • Document recall: You can recall documents that you have sent for signatures with just a click. No tedious and difficult communications; Zoho Sign makes recalling documents hassle-free for you within Writer.

  • End-to-end customization: From the document creation until you save a signed document returned to you, every stage allows for customization that makes Zoho Sign a business-favorite and a flexible application to use within Writer. Make your brand known and shown with our customization options.

Zoho Sign fits aptly within Writer to solve all your word processing and documentation needs. Sign simple, fast, secure, and paperless from the comfort of your Writer interface today!

If you have any questions or feedback, reach out to us on support@zohosign.com or connect with us through the comments section below. Happy signing!


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