Introducing Zoho Sign's integration with eMudhra

Digital signatures are fast replacing the need to sign documents with pen and paper. Documents that are digitally signed are legally valid for most business documents around the world, including in India. Digital signing helps organizations to cut down costs, reduce turnaround time, and say goodbye to all the hassles of manual paperwork.

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The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital signatures in the Indian subcontinent as a way to keep all government and private operations up and running. However, it is mandatory to use one's own Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) in India to digitally sign and seal important documents that are submitted to service providers in the government and both the public and private sectors. 

What is a digital signature certificate?

Digital signature certificates are the digital equivalent of physical or paper certificates issued for identification purposes. They are issued by a Government of India-authorized Certifying Authority (CA) once your identity has been verified. They must be used to eSign high-value transactions in India. Some popular use cases are: 

  • Banking: Application forms, sanction letters, loan forms, stock statements

  • Business: Job applications, interview letters, FORM-16, payslips, invoices, purchase orders, tax filings, company filings

  • Government: Digital locker, self-attestation, e-filing, passport application, bank and post office documents, birth and marriage forms

Zoho Sign + eMudhra

Today, we are excited to unveil our new integration with eMudhra, a licensed certifying authority under the Information Technology Act of India, which has been issuing digital signature certificates since 2008. To use this integration, a signer has to register with eMudhra by submitting their identification documents and will have to log into the service at the time of signing. Upon successful authentication, they can use eMudhra's e-KYC service to digitally sign documents, ensuring multiple levels of verification and authenticity of the signer's identity. 

Key benefits of this integration:

  • Sign documents on the cloud from anywhere and at any time

  • No dependency on hardware tokens

  • Seamless document signing experience

  • Complies with the Information Technology Act of 2000

This integration is now readily available for all our existing Enterprise plan users based in our India data centre. You can configure it by navigating to Settings and then Integrations. Read our help documentation to learn more.

If you prefer instructional videos over documents,you can watch our webinar recording- Introducing Zoho Sign integration with eMudhra here.

If you're new to Zoho Sign, sign up for a free 14-day trial. Zoho Sign and eMudhra will work together to make your company's digital signing experience simple, secure, and smooth.

 If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to drop your comments below or write to us at



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