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Today, users demand effortless software experiences across multiple devices and platforms. Tightly integrated systems allow us to access data quickly and complete important tasks more efficiently, but it's not always possible for companies to build all the functionalities of software themselves. That's where APIs come in.

Zoho Sign API - Postman Blog

APIs are a set of functions and procedures that allow applications to exchange data with one another. Zoho Sign, our digital signature app, is accessible not only via web and mobile but also through powerful REST APIs and SDKs. For example, if you're building your own HR software and would like to add a digital signature feature, simply use our Zoho Sign APIs. This facilitates the development process and eliminates the need to build another application from scratch.

Postman is a popular platform that allows software developers to build and test APIs without writing any additional code. Through public workspaces, developers can experiment with public APIs like Zoho Sign and build software by collaborating with external stakeholders and organizations.

How to explore the Zoho Sign API

Developers can perform document and template management operations with our REST APIs. The following steps will help you configure Zoho Sign with Postman.

Zoho Sign-side steps

  1. Create a Zoho Sign account.
  2. Register as a "self client" and generate the code on Zoho API Console.
  3. Under "Scope," enter the following: ZohoSign.documents.ALL,ZohoSign.templates.ALL
  4. Generate a refresh token here.
  5. Enter the client ID, client secret, and generated code.

Postman-side steps

  1. Sign up for Postman and create a workspace.
  2. Use the "create a fork" option to link the Zoho Sign collection to your workspace.
  3. Add the client ID, client secret, and refresh token as the current value in the collection variable, and check the sign and account URL in the variables section.
  4. Start making requests! 

As you get started with Zoho Sign APIs on Postman, be sure to read our Postman documentation and getting started guide. If you are not already using Zoho Sign, activate your free 14-day enterprise trial and access every feature, including APIs. To provide feedback, request personalized demos, or ask questions, write to us at support@zohosign.com or leave a comment below.


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