What makes Zoho TeamInbox a compelling alternative to Front?

Last year, we witnessed a trend. Some of the Front users who signed up for our free trial sent us queries expressing their desire to switch to Zoho TeamInbox and their concern over their data being stuck at Front. Our product team made finding a solution a high priority. Fast-forward a few months later, users can now migrate their data from Front and enjoy a smooth transition to Zoho TeamInbox.

But before that, it's important to know why Front users were interested in switching to Zoho TeamInbox in the first place. With many shared inbox tools out there in the market, why were organizations wanting to move to Zoho TeamInbox?

Easy onboarding

Zoho TeamInbox is known for its simple setup. From setting up your organization, creating your teams, and configuring your inboxes—you can do everything in a matter of a few minutes. We have a strong customer support team providing users with a wealth of resources and assistance to help them get started and make the most out of our product.

Intuitive, inbox-friendly features

Zoho TeamInbox is designed to be extremely intuitive and fits smoothly into your team’s processes. Some of the comprehensive features for managing team emails and tasks, such as the ability to assign tasks to team members, sorting emails through tags, creating templates, and automating email workflows is simple to understand and implement.

Multiple sender addresses

We came across a use case where our very own sales team wanted to send out emails using their own addresses for a personalized touch. Zoho TeamInbox gives you the option of adding and using multiple sender addresses. There were many other use cases where users wanted to send out emails using different sender addresses from their inboxes. For example, Rebecca is the marketing head at Zylker. She’s assigned to an email received in marketing@zylker.com. She can now create a reply using either digital-marketing@zylker.com, or eu-marketing@zylker.com, or the source address itself.

Robust privacy and security

Zoho TeamInbox is built on top of the robust Zoho Mail platform, which has set the gold standard for privacy and security. We regularly perform security audits and implement industry-standard security practices to ensure the safety and security of your data. Data is encrypted both at rest and in transit, and our users always have complete control over their data. Our data centers are equipped with advanced security layers to ensure the safety and integrity of the data stored there. 

Flexible pricing 

Zoho TeamInbox provides affordable and flexible pricing plans, where you pay only for what you use. Unlike Front, you won't be required to pay for a full year in advance or upgrade to more expensive plans as you add more users. Check this page to see how Zoho TeamInbox compares to Front in pricing

A shared inbox for all teams

Front started out as a shared inbox software tool. Over the years, it’s transitioned to a customer service software. Zoho TeamInbox, on the other hand, is a shared inbox platform tailored to meet the needs of every possible business team. Teams that use group emails in their everyday communication can use and benefit from Zoho TeamInbox. Check the wide range of use cases across various teams and industries to see what’s possible with Zoho TeamInbox. 


If you’re looking for an intuitive shared inbox platform to serve all of your organization's use cases, Zoho TeamInbox is the answer. All teams, irrespective of size, can make use of Zoho TeamInbox to collaborate with their team members and manage their emails better, without breaking the bank.

Seamless migration from Front to Zoho TeamInbox allows you to switch to an effective and affordable shared inbox solution smoothly. In terms of effort, it’s a simple API-based migration process that you can initiate yourself by following our help document. You can also get free migration assistance by emailing us at support@zohoteaminbox.com.

If you’re looking for a more hands-on approach about how Zoho TeamInbox fits your organization, try our 14-day free trial.



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