Introducing the new Zoho Vault mobile apps for iOS and Android!

Passwords are the most common mechanism for authentication. An average user is said to own an upwards of hundred accounts requiring passwords, while there are billions of active passwords across the world. All of this calls for better password and access management to stay security-compliant.

This is where a security solution like Zoho Vault comes in handy. With native applications for iOS and Android, Zoho Vault has actively helped thousands of individuals and business users overcome glaring security concerns by helping them securely manage their passwords, notes, documents, personal details, and much more from anywhere in the world.

Today, we’re taking this security to a new level by introducing our completely revamped iOS and Android apps. The new version brings with it a variety of new features, including our brand-new UI, in-app account upgrade, and an all-new dark mode. Needless to say, there’s a lot in it for everyone. Let’s dive right in!

A fresh, new look for the UI
Smarts, technique, and a little pixie dust

Our new UI simplifies password management like never before. Our fresh new look combines style with efficiency, allowing you to save and share passwords for more than 300 popular websites in no time. With the Vault app, password management is now easier done than said!

Breaking language barriers

De verdad: c’est magnifique!

Go beyond the limits of language and try Zoho Vault in a variety of languages. In addition to English, our apps now support six different languages: French, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil) and simplified Chinese.

The soothing comfort of dark mode 

Light on your eyes, even in the dark

If you’re pulling another all-nighter or need to do some last-minute work before bed, it’s important to adjust your screen according to your surroundings. Switch to our new dark mode to make it easier on your eyes.

Autofill like never before

Quicker is always better

The new autofill experience is simple, faster, and a lot more efficient. We’ve enhanced key features to allow you to securely autofill passwords across a wider range of websites and applications, so you never need to click “Forgot password” again.


Go premium in no time
Safe sharing for your passwords, easy on your pockets

Share passwords without compromising on safety. Upgrade your account in seconds from within the Vault app to securely share passwords with your family, co-workers, and teams.

What’s cooking?
We’ve got more in store for you!

With a ton of enhancements made to the existing features, now’s the right time to update your iOS and Android apps to get the most out of Vault. Here’s the download link for

These new updates are available now, but we’re already working on our next set of updates. You will soon be able to create new password groups, manage file attachments and other custom types of data, receive push notifications for critical events, and a lot more in our upcoming updates. Stay tuned!

Stay secure with Zoho Vault!


2 Replies to Introducing the new Zoho Vault mobile apps for iOS and Android!

  1. When is the web app is going to be updated? The mobile app is looking great and putting the main app into even more shame. Also are there plans for a desktop app?

    1. Hey Ricardo, Thanks for your positive feedback on the mobile app! We're in the final stage of releasing the beta for our web application and it should be out by the end of this month. We're also in the process of getting our desktop apps ready for release. They should be available early next year. We value your feedback and will share the link to register for our beta program to your email. Thanks Meenakshisundaram R

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