Zoho Viewer - APIs and Office 2007 formats

Zoho Viewer API

We are happy to announce APIs for Zoho Viewer.

The Zoho

Viewer API enables you to integrate your service/application with Zoho

Viewer so that you can let your users view office documents online

using just the web browser. The supported file formats are listed here.

Here is the API documentation: http://api.wiki.zoho.com/Viewer.html

Open IT Online makes use of our Zoho Viewer API. There are other services too that are working on integrating Zoho Viewer with their applications. I
n case you need any assistance using our APIs, kindly get in touch with us by sending an email to api@zohocorp.com.

Support for Microsoft Office 2007 formats

We have also added support for Microsoft Office 2007 formats - docx, xlsx and pptx - in Zoho Viewer some time back. These formats are also supported via our APIs.

Hope you like these new additions to Zoho Viewer.


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