Fillable Enhancements that’ll help you do more

Last year we made it easier for businesses to build web forms directly from PDFs and scanned paper forms. Today, we’re announcing features to help businesses make the most use of them.  


Create PDF forms

Create PDF forms with multi-line boxes, checkboxes, and radio buttons by saving fillable templates as  PDF forms.


Collect and Store responses

Form responses can be saved in Zoho Sheet and collected data can be cleaned, analyzed or deleted.


Host Fillable Forms

Publish and embed fillable templates for anyone to complete (endusers can submit anonymously without logging into Zoho). The anonymous URL can be sent as an email or embedded in websites.


Customized After Form Submit actions

Automate your business workflows that start with a form submission. We have added a provision to configure custom functions that allows you to execute required actions after form submission.


Use Fillable as Data Entry Forms

Allow form owners to fill and submit the form. This is primarily useful in cases where the form publisher makes data entry using the form and does not what others to have access to it.

For example, HR creates an employee form and fills the form out for each employee.

In addition to the above, we’ve made it easier for users to  

 Add more Fields Types

      • Image Fields  to capture photos or images and upload them to your form.
      • Signature and Initial Fields to allow respondents to sign the form right before submission.
      • Multi-line text fields so the text box can display multiple lines.
      • Group checkboxes so that respondents can select more than 1 choice.   

 Ability to use  custom domains in the form URL to retain branding.

 Test forms live without having your submissions count against your monthly limit.

 Access and submit fillable documents in mobile browsers

 Set a cut-off date for form access via the Set Expiration feature.

We encourage you try out some of these new features and stay tuned for more updates.


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