Introducing smart composing and on-the-fly formatting features in Writer to accelerate content creation and formatting

Leverage the power of generative AI, slash commands, and distraction-free formatting to quickly and easily create, compose, edit, format, and layout content in Writer.

Using only your keyboard, you can instantly summon Zia to generate content, or access an array of formatting and composing options, right within the editor.

Smart composing with Zia—now with generative AI capabilities

Simply type a double slash (//) in the Writer editor to launch and interact with Zia. Zia could always identify grammatical errors, understand context, and offer real-time suggestions to refine your documents. Now, with the addition of generative AI capabilities and integration with ChatGPT, Zia helps you streamline and accelerate content creation, too.

Generative AI is available only for the US DC. We'll release this all for the DCs soon.

How to use the Smart Compose feature

Type "//" in the Writer editor or click the icon to invoke Zia's prebuilt contextual prompts. You can prompt Zia to create content, continue writing existing content, or rewrite your text. From there, you can choose to insert Zia's content in your document or discard it.

Zia offers prebuilt prompts for:

1. Creating content

Generate content from scratch! Simply select an appropriate prompt to generate ideas or content for blog posts, tweets, webpages, emails, and more.

2. Modifying content

Modify existing content or edit Zia's responses before adding them to your document. Zia offers a dynamic prompt, which allows you to:

  • Modify a word

Simply select a word and prompt Zia to display synonyms, related words, a definition, and more.

  • Modify selected content

Select a phrase, sentence(s), or paragraph(s), and prompt Zia to shorten, rephrase, or summarize your content, identify keywords, or suggest a title.

As Zia is now integrated with ChatGPT, we recommend using discretion when working on content that contains personally identifiable information (PII).

Format as you write

Every time you use your mouse or move away from the editor for formatting, inserting an image or table, etc., your flow and rhythm can be disrupted. Writer helps you achieve this in two new ways:

  1. Slash command

The slash (/) command turns your keyboard into a powerful command center, so you can format and lay out your documents without shifting your focus.

Just hit the "/" key to view and select the option to:

  • Format and align content.

  • Change text style and case.

  • Insert images, tables, equations, symbols, drawings, and more.

  • Insert a list, to-do list, checkbox, etc.

  • Add a column, or page and section breaks.

  • Insert a signature, date, barcode, citation and bibliography, and author name.

  • And more!

  1. Markdown support

Markdown in Zoho Writer will help make creating, formatting, and structuring content quick and seamless.

With Markdown support, you can format content in bold or italics, and even add:

  • Different heading levels

  • Hyperlinks

  • Checkboxes

  • Ordered or unordered lists

  • Images and more

You can turn on Markdown by selecting Automatically detect Markdown under Settings --> Preferences. 

To know about Markdown Rules in Zoho Writer please refer

Autocorrect with formatting

Let's say you are writing a report and want specific words to be written in a particular format or style. Usually, you will have to manually locate each word usage and format it individually. Autocorrect with formatting makes this problem disappear, automatically formatting selected words as you write.

How to use the autocorrect feature

Let's say you are writing a report on electric vehicles. You want "electric vehicle" to be stylized in bold and italics throughout the document, whenever you type "EV." 

Simply create an autocorrect rule so every time you type "EV," Writer automatically replaces it with electric vehicle in your document. To add an autocorrect rule, click the icon located in the top-right corner of the page, click More Settings, select Autocorrect, and configure the rule.

Highlights of Smart Compose and on-the-fly formatting capabilities

1. Write without disruptions

Because the "/" and "//" commands are built right into Writer's editor, you never have to move away from the editor to request Zia's help or format your documents. You can write without disrupting your creative flow.

2. Work right where you write

You can launch and interact with Zia or the formatting menu from right within the editor, without switching tabs. Simply type any of the Markdown shortcuts, or type "//" or "/", and Zia's chat window or formatting menu will appear. From there, you can request help writing or formatting your content.

3. Write faster and better

You don't have to worry about coming up with content ideas, or structuring and formatting your articles. While Zia helps you create engaging content quickly, the slash command and Markdown support helps you format and style content instantly. This allows you to convey your intended message clearly and easily.

Writer's new Smart Compose, on-the-fly formatting, and autocorrect capabilities, combined with the recently-added Read Aloud feature make creating, composing, formatting, and reviewing your content a breeze!

Take these new capabilities for a spin and let us know your suggestions and feedback in the comments.

See you all soon with another exciting update.

Until then,

Happy writing!


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