Accelerate document formatting with Zoho Writer's advanced capabilities

Effortlessly ensure consistent formats and styles across your organization's documents.

Manually applying your preferred styles to multiple documents, while also ensuring consistency, can be tedious and time-consuming. With Zoho Writer's new advanced formatting capabilities, you can spend more time on what matters—creating content—and less time on formatting. Read on to learn more.

1. Create customized character styles and store them in your library

Character styles determine how text will appear in your documents. Style can refer to the text's font, size, use of bold or italics, underlining, color, and more. Let's say you are generating an offer letter. With Zoho Writer, you can create character styles to set the appearance of the candidate's name, role, proposed salary, and joining date, using specific formatting, which can be saved for reuse.

Eliminate the need to repeat the same manual steps for applying formatting to every document. Instead, simply select and apply the desired style from the library.

Bulk apply or change character styles

Bulk apply your desired character style to multiple sections of text throughout a document. Let's say you are working on a product brochure and want the product and company names to appear in a specific style throughout the document. Simply select the product and company name, and pick your desired style from the library!

2. Apply automated style corrections

Effortlessly ensure consistent styles across all your documents. Simply create an auto-correct rule and Zoho Writer will automatically fix deviations from your style guide by applying your desired formatting to specified text and phrases.

For example, let's say you want the status of certain tasks (Done, Work in progress, etc.) to be stylized with a specific format (font, size, color, background color, etc.). If someone types the status as WIP, the auto-correct capability will automatically change it to "Work in progress."

3. Simplify project tracking with strikethrough checklists

List, update, and track all project activities by creating strikethrough checklists with just a click. Simply click on a task to strike it through, automatically marking it as complete. Staying on top of all your to-do and completed tasks is now easier than ever! 

4. Built-in cover pages library

Instantly enhance the visual appeal of your documents by adding an appropriate cover page. All you have to do is pick a cover page from the built-in gallery and it will be inserted into your document.

Highlights of Zoho Writer's cover pages:

  • Predefined cover pages are available for different needs, such as business case reports, annual reports, feasibility reports, and research papers.

  • Dynamic cover pages realign themselves to suit different orientations, like landscape and portrait.

  • Support for automation fields is available. For example, you can automatically share a report with multiple users and display each receiver's name on the cover page.

5. Puvi font support

Effortlessly improve your document's readability with Zoho's exclusive font, Puvi. Simply pick Puvi from the font library and choose your desired style—thin, light, bold, regular, or medium—to instantly elevate your reader's visual experience.

Making your documents visually appealing is a breeze with Zoho Writer's formatting capabilities. Try out all these features and share your experience. We are eager to hear your feedback and suggestions! Share them as comments or write to

That's all for now. See you all soon with another exciting update from Zoho Writer. Until then,

Happy writing!


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  1. Zoho never ceases to amaze me. It is always a step ahead and it has fast became my favourite business tool. The knowledge base is understandable and easy to follow, We love everything Zoho

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