Tailor-made automation for all your different template needs!

We’re giving you a whole new automation experience that specifically cater to your merge, sign and fillable needs.

Businesses use different automation tools to help fast track their varying everyday needs, including delivering bulk emails, sending contracts for signature collection, getting customer feedback using forms, and more.

With each of these processes requiring different sets of functions, we at Writer have polished our editor and categorized our automation templates into individual, clutter-free spaces so you have exactly what you need to get your specific task done.

Here’s everything that’s new:

Merge. Sign. Fill. But with everything in its right place
All your automation functions are now neatly split into three different options that specifically cater to your business needs.

Choosing the type of template you want to work with will convert your editor to include only the related tools, customization options, and associated workflows that are required for that particular template type—giving you the ultimate minimal automation experience.

Repurpose your PDF documents

Download, print, fill, scan, and email. Traditionally, this would be how most of us would fill and send any PDF form, unless you had access to expensive PDF editing software. But what if we could eliminate it?

Thanks to our collaboration with Z Labs, Zoho’s extensive research unit, Writer’s new AI allows you to do so much more than just converting your scanned paper forms into digital fillable forms. Now Writer can automatically examine your scanned PDF to detect and add editable merge, signer, or fillable fields over your existing document—all without using expensive software!

Get a jump start!
Now you can go ahead and directly upload your existing documents to Writer, including .Docx formats—and convert them into any of type of automation template you want.

If you’re drafting your document in Writer and want to convert it to an automation template of your choice later—say, after it has been reviewed by colleagues—the Automate tab in Writer lets you do just that.

Collaborate on templates
Just like how you can share and collaborate on documents, you can now do the same with automation templates as well. Co-create your merge template with your teammates, get real-time contextual feedback on which signer fields to place where, get your form filled or edited by a colleague, and so much more.

With more businesses adopting Writer’s easy-to-use automation features and native Zoho integrations, we’re committed to making this an even better experience for you and your team.

Let us know how you like these new features in the comments section below or by tweeting to us at @zohowriter.

Happy automating!


8 Replies to Tailor-made automation for all your different template needs!

    1. HI Sharyn!:) We're currently working on this feature where you can merge your Writer document with other data sources to be saved as an interactive PDF form. It'll be made available in one of our next updates.

  1. Greetings, it is always nice to know improvements from products. I hope that soon we can find Portuguese as available spell check and ZIA language options. Keep the good work! Best regards.

    1. Hi there! Thank you so much :) We are working on including more languages in Zia, including Portuguese. This is in our roadmap.

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