Zoho, part of bloggers’ poems

Found a couple of poems with Zoho in them.

Yo ho ho
I discovered Zoho
I created a doc
web-based (no shock).
With just a little moxy
I tried out 30 boxes
Input a few dates
and I’m feeling just great
But it’s getting kind of late
And this rhyme’s begun to deflate………….

— T.Tallent

It’s Monday night, my brain is fried,
But I want that player, so I tried.
First in Zoho, but it wouldn’t blog,
So now in Writely, I continue to slog.

It’s really cool, many uses I can see,
Plus advantages for you and me.
Open anywhere, no discs, no fuss.
Of all the tools, this is a must.

So goodnight, bloggers fair.
I’ll try to post this, do I dare?
Third time is charmed, I hope and pray,
Because it’s way too late to play!

The Happy Reader

Aint that cute to have Zoho form a part of poems? 🙂 Thanks folks!

A note for those of you (like ‘the Happy Reader’) not being able to post to blogger.com blogs from Zoho Writer : We are facing some intermittent problems when posting to blogger.com blogs due to something being wrong with Blogger’s Atom API that Zoho Writer depends on to post to blogger.com blogs. This thread has the details. We are waiting for the Google Blogger team to find the root cause of this issue & have a permanent solution. In the meantime, please try reposting to your blog after a few minutes & it may succeed (it is working for me now).

If the posting to your blog still fails, please try the workaround posted here :


Do try posting using the above methodology. If you still face any issues, you can write to me at aravind[at]zoho[dot]com.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Kindly bear with us till we get this issue fully resolved.


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