Use Zillum to connect with your family online: Now with a 30% discount for all new sign-ups

As we begin 2023, we welcome all of our valued customers as well as our soon-to-be customers by wishing all of you a prosperous and a happy new year filled with good fortune!

Festivals and holidays are even more special when families can gather together for the celebrations. Being part of a family gives you a sense of security and comfort when they truly accept and celebrate you for who you are. So as another year begins with newly created resolutions to go with it, soon you’ll be busy navigating the curves and turns on the road to fulfilling your goals. Communication may drop in frequency with everyone’s busy schedules, and you may begin to feel homesick and drained.

But, worry not.

To make it easier to stay connected with your family, we bring Zillum to you at an even more affordable price, with a 30% discount on all new sign-ups.

Zillum for families

Zillum gives you access to all of the apps you need to manage your family easily, all under one roof.

A letter for you  

Zoho Mail is an email platform from where you can send emails with custom domains, giving you a sense of ownership and confidence. You can manage your tasks by setting reminders and jotting down notes with smart integrations.

Your memory card  

Sharing folder access with your family members allows you to create, store, and access all of your files so you can cherish your memories whenever you need to be reminded of them, all in one place on Zoho Workdrive.

Get expressive  

With Zoho Cliq's instant messaging and calling feature, you can easily reach out to your loved ones in a video call whenever you miss them. Everyone can react to messages with fun emoticons.

Online notebook  

Write and organize all of your thoughts in Zoho Writer, our online word processor, and share them with specific family members by setting permission levels for their access.

Your budget planner  

Sort your necessities and keep track of your family’s expenses with Zoho Sheet, our spreadsheet app, and manage your finances efficiently with the help of comprehensive charts and graphs.

A visual treat  

Create presentations and collaborate on projects with your family members effortlessly with a wide range of graphic templates and design tools, only on Zoho Show.

Shh...don't pass-a-word!  

Be it your Netflix account password or the password to your alarm system, securely store all of your passwords in Zoho Vault. Access your saved passwords, sync them across all of your devices, and share them with your family with everyone’s online safety assured.

Wherever, Whenever! 

You can now stay within your family's reach from anywhere at anytime by simply downloading the Zillum app for mobile which consists of all the apps for your family at one destination with contextual search across the bundle. Get started on your Zillum journey today! Click here to download.

With full assurance of safety and privacy from Zillum, sign up now to experience online family communication and management so you’ll always feel connected.

January 2023 marks the one-year anniversary of Zillum. Just like you’d celebrate your wedding or birthday anniversaries with your family, we’d like to celebrate Zillum's first year anniversary with you, our wonderful customers and dearest family. We sincerely thank and appreciate all of our customers for choosing and supporting us by using Zillum. We want to know what you'd like to see from us in the coming year. Let us know in the comments!


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