Need to customize your template?Let the Visual Editor do it for you!

Oftentimes, building and designing a site requires immense coding skills. We understand that not everybody has the time or resources to do this. That’s why we have created a tool which combines the intricacy of design with the simplicity of clicking a button.

It’s called the Visual Editor!

This tool helps you customize the look and feel of your website’s template without having to type a single line of code. You can experiment with various visual customizations and choose to either save or discard the changes.

Once your site starts taking shape, you may want to tweak how your template looks. Just access the visual editor and customize visual aspects such as:


You can choose from the color schemes we provide or add the color scheme you desire. You can also choose a typography from our font library.

Header Layout

You can customize your header and top-bar style. Also, customize some of the visual aspects of your mobile site here.

Banner Layout

Try out what banner styles look best and apply the one you like the most.

The best thing about the visual editor is that you can preview any style that you would like to apply. Once you are happy with the way it looks, you can save and implement the changes. All of our templates are responsive, so your changes will reflect on the mobile site too.

At Zoho Sites, we mean it when we say that building a website is easy. That’s why our builder is easy to use without compromising on design.

Go codeless using the visual editor and customize templates to meet your needs.


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