AI meets BI: Ask questions and get insights with 'Ask Zia'

Have you ever wondered how easy work would be if someone just answered all your questions, gave you the important figures, and told you how your business was doing every day? Well, that’s exactly what Zia does in Zoho Analytics. Ask Zia is our AI-powered analytical assistant that can give you key business insights instantly, saving you from the struggle of having to deal with piles of data.

All you need to do is ask Zia a question and she’ll give you powerful insights as answers. Zia uses natural language processing and machine learning to achieve this. Let’s look at it a little more closely:

Ask Zia understands your business
CRM, support, projects, finance, or any business domain—Zia understands your data and answers your questions contextually.

For example, you can ask Zia for “sales in 2018“. Zia will understand your question and fetch the right data columns, and set filters to build a KPI widget that shows your sales in 2018.

Zia gives you contextual suggestions
If you’re wondering where to start, Zia can help you ask the right questions, too. Believe it or not, she can understand your domain data and come up with relevant suggestions to frame your question. Further, Zia can interpret your question as you ask it, and give you contextual suggestions to build your question incrementally.

Zia can see through the ambiguity
Be it a complex question that connects multiple datasets, or a typo that you overlooked, Zia can automatically interpret your question, eliminate ambiguity, and generate the right visualization for you.

Zia has the perfect answers to your questions
If you ask Zia for “this year vs last year revenue by country”, she will automatically understand that there are geographic locations involved and generate a geo-map chart with the YOY revenue comparison.

KPIs widgets, charts, pivot tables—Zia picks the most appropriate and best-suited visualization to answer your question.

Zia can help you connect the right dots
You can ask for “won deals count vs tickets count by Account Name and Zia will retrieve and blend data across connected data sets—in this case from your CRM and support desk—fetch appropriate metrics from different data tables, and generate a visualization displaying how the ticket count is correlated to the won amount from each account.

Zia will get to know you
Zia will continuously learn about your preferences, data model, and business, to give more accurate and contextual suggestions. Over time, Zia can independently adapt to your needs and help you build relevant metrics, and identify patterns with minimal or no customization.

Zia can be trained
Businesses vary, and the terms and conventions they use to do, too. But you can train Zia to adapt to your domain-specific conventions and phrases in minutes by teaching it business-specific terms and conventions. This will help Zia link them with your data and respond to key phrases instantly.

Oh, and voice commands are enabled, which means you can extract powerful insights with just your voice!

To ask the right question is harder than to answer it. But with Zia, you can do both. You don’t have to be a techie to analyze your data anymore—now you can easily generate any business metric without having to become a database expert. Whether it’s sales, marketing, finance, or support, Zia understands your data from various domains and relates it all to build visualizations for you.

Just ask and your data will do the talking for you!

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