Powerful end-to-end Marketing Analytics with Zoho's Modern BI & Analytics Platform

In today’s digital economy, a buyer goes through multiple touchpoints before making a final purchase. This indicates the presence of marketing across every possible channel that drives customers towards these touchpoints.

Understanding marketing activities across these channels in finer depth can measure the effectiveness and performance of campaigns through different channels, and help plan future activities across various channels. This is where the need for marketing analytics comes into play.

Powerful end-to-end marketing analytics with Zoho's modern BI & analytics platform

Definition of marketing analytics  

To put it simply, marketing analytics is the study and analysis of marketing-related data to understand prospect/buyer behaviour in order to plan, execute, and refine marketing activities with the sole intention of maximizing the return on investment (ROI).

Types of marketing data 

There are different types of marketing-related data. Each type corresponds to a marketing channel or medium. On that note, the top sources for marketing data are:

    • Websites
    • Search engine
    • Social media
    • Surveys
    • Email campaigns
    • Events

The first three fall under “inbound marketing” and the remaining are “outbound marketing.” Typically, the data from these diverse sources remain in siloes and aren’t analyzed in a holistic way. This is where marketing analytics through a good BI(Business Intelligence) and analytics platform becomes necessary. It gives you an edge over your competitors.

Analyzing marketing data with Zoho Analytics  

Zoho Analytics is a versatile self-service data analytics platform that can help you with your marketing analytics requirements. As a marketing analytics tool, it offers:

    • Extensive pre-built analytics with data connectors for popular and widely used marketing tools and platforms
    • Capability to aggregate, structure, and blend data from multiple sources/channels
    • Rich set of self-service BI & analytics features for easier tracking of marketing KPIs alongside prediction of future trends

Advanced marketing analytics connectors 

Here are a few notable marketing tools for which Zoho Analytics offers pre-built connectors:

Google Analytics 

While Google Analytics offers in-depth data about your website traffic and performance, Zoho Analytics can add value to the data analysis through its rich set of visualization options and AI-augmented capabilities like Ask Zia and Zia Insights.

Google Analytics Pageviews Dashboard
Google Analytics Performance Dashboard
LinkedIn Pages and Ad Campaigns 

Zoho Analytics as a Linkedln analytics tool enables better analysis and visualization of data generated from LinkedIn Pages and LinkedIn Ad Campaigns. In fact, this connector offers a complete performance view of both organic and paid efforts done using Linkedln.

Linkedln Pages & AdCampaigns Performance
Linkedln Pages & AdCampaigns Performance Dashboard

With Zoho Analytics, in-depth insights can be mined about your Semrush search-driven marketing efforts. Performance can be benchmarked with detailed competitor analysis over relevant parameters such as domain authority and backlink volume.

Semrush Keyword Analysis
Semrush Keyword Analysis Dashboard

Zoho Analytics aids in deriving deeper meaning from gathered survey responses through SurveyMonkey. Through visual analysis, it can uncover key actionable insights to achieve required business objectives.

Survey Monkey Analytics
Survey Analysis Dashboard

You can track your critical Mailchimp email marketing metrics with Zoho Analytics and get real-time insights on your campaign’s performance. You can also do in-depth audience analysis for further campaign optimization.

Mailchimp Overview
Mailchimp Overview Dashboard

Analysis and comparison of critical event metrics of your Eventbrite account is easily done with Zoho Analytics. You can dive deeper into the details of attendees for effective future planning.

Eventbrite Analytics
Ticket Sales Overview Dashboard

To learn more about our popular marketing analytics connectors, please click here 

Aggregate, structure, and blend marketing data

Collect data from a wide variety of data sources and blend them automatically. Auto-model data and cleanse it with intelligent suggestions. Transform data using 250+ transform functions and further enrich it with ML/AI-powered transforms. Click here to learn more about our data preparation capabilities.

These capabilities are easy to use for anyone who works with marketing data, be it a marketer or data-savvy analysts.

Self-service BI & Analytics

Build interactive reports and dashboards with an easy-to-use drag and drop interface using a variety of visualization options. Share data visualizations with peers through multiple ways and securely collaborate through contextual comment threads.

In addition, AI-augmented analytical capabilities such as conversational analytics, automated insights, and scenario analysis can be leveraged. Also, a marketer can craft and present their analysis as engrossing data stories using slide shows and custom-built analytics portals.

Voice of our customers

Zegal, a cloud-based legal tech company with a user base of 20,000+, wanted to make sense of their sales and marketing data scattered across various sources. They tried their luck first with spreadsheets only to discover later that this is time consuming and highly prone to human errors.

Oliver Boote, growth manager at Zegal, took some time to talk about how Zoho Analytics has helped Zegal gather and analyze data from multiple platforms.

 “Our data comes from various sources such as Zoho CRM, website engagement, email marketing, sales communications, and custom apps. The challenge was to combine them and create a pipeline funnel that shows the flow of leads and how many were converted to deals.    

What brought us to Zoho Analytics was the power to have Zoho CRM directly integrated. The data-blending feature helped us blend data from Google Ads, Zoho CRM, and other sources. 

 Before , a few reports took hours to create. With Zoho Analytics, we have automated everything and our work gets done faster than ever before. Weekly, I can confidently say, we save half a day’s time which would otherwise be spent gathering and modeling data.” 

Check out Zegal’s complete success story here.

Here’s another satisfied customer voice:

 “Zoho Analytics is an excellent tool for tracking and optimizing campaigns. The automated mailers let us send weekly reports to all our clients in an automated fashion. I would recommend it to any mid-size company that deals with data.” 

   Anshuk Aggarwal, Co-Founder, Xplanck 


If you’re interested in exploring the marketing analytics software capabilities of Zoho Analytics, you can get started here. We have a personalized demo for those who are interested.

 For further questions or clarifications, we can be reached at support@zohoanalytics.com.


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