Adopting remote work with Zoho Assist: Extending 60-day free licenses with all premium features.

Adopt Remote Work

In consideration of the COVID-19 situation, many businesses have chosen to have their employees to work remotely as much as possible. Helping customers with remote work has always been our goal, so we’re extending an offer to help businesses transition to remote work and keep your operations running smoothly.  

To help residents of Mainland China, we had earlier offered free 60-day enterprise licenses for that region. We are now also extending 60-day free licenses to residents of other regions strongly effected by the virus at this time: Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Iran, South Korea, and Italy.

How to make the best use of Zoho Assist for remote work:

With Zoho Assist Unattended Access solution, users can perform a wide range of operations on remote machines from home, without a person at the other end. You can install our unattended access agent, which is available for all operating systems, and your users will be able to access all your devices from wherever they’re working. Users can also initiate on-demand remote support sessions to help troubleshoot your clients’ machines, to keep up with business as usual even at a distance.

Here are a few of our features that we expect to be most helpful in a remote work environment:

  • Bulk Deployment helps you configure multiple devices for unattended access at once and access them from a single device. This allows for a quick setup, to ease the transition to remote work.

  • Remote Power Options enable you to execute actions like shutdown, restart, log off, lock, hibernate, or standby without starting a remote session, to help your team manage your organization’s devices from home.

  • Diagnostic tools help you perform scheduled system diagnostic operations such as opening up the task manager and command prompt, and analyzing statuses of hardware associated with each system. These tools will help your IT team keep up with routine checks without coming into the office.

  • File Transfer helps you transfer files during a remote session without the use of intermediate storage devices like USB, FTP, or cloud-based storage devices. This provides a practical way to retrieve files from office computers when employees are away from the office.

  • Wake-on-LAN allows you to switch on or wake up unattended computers that are shut down or in sleep mode.

Along with these features, you will also have access to our Android and iOS mobile applications that are built to enable users to remotely control a variety of devices from their smartphones.

More clarity on the free license

The free license will have all our premium remote support and unattended access features. We have no cap on the number of technicians you can add or the number of unattended computers you can configure during this period. The 60-day free license will be enabled to your account by default if you have signed up for Zoho Assist from the above-mentioned countries. This special service will be available starting today.

We hope this initiative of ours will help you to work from wherever you are. Do reach out to us at with any questions. We are more than happy to help.


2 Replies to Adopting remote work with Zoho Assist: Extending 60-day free licenses with all premium features.

    1. Hi Emmanuel, We have launched a suite for remote work "Zoho Remotely" which is free across regions The suite has Zoho Assist, Zoho Meeting, Zoho Projects and other services that help you to work remotely. Please let me know if you face any difficulty while using Zoho Remotely or Zoho Assist.

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