Connect and view multiple monitors concurrently during a session

Need to provide support to remote computers with multiple monitors? Finding it difficult to access multiple monitors simultaneously? Assist has just what you need to overcome this hurdle.

We believe that consistent optimization results in producing a cutting-edge product. Through that process, our team at Assist has come up with an approach to deliver an enhanced and superior remote support experience to all its customers with the Multi-monitor navigation feature.

What is Multi-monitor accessibility?

When providing remote assistance to your customers, you might find it difficult to access multiple monitors that are connected to a remote system. To rule out this complexity, Assist has added the Multi-monitor navigation feature to facilitate quick access to multiple monitors simultaneously during a remote support session. This enhancement enables instant sharing of data between monitors and can significantly reduce the session duration.

Stand-apart attributes included under Multi-monitor:

The multi-monitor facility offers an array of extensive features to make it easy and efficient for customers to use .


Multiple monitors connected to the remote system can be viewed using the grid, horizontal, or the vertical view type. Also note that in the grid view, the display of monitors will be completely based on the display settings of the remote system.

 Hide screen

With this feature, technicians will be able to instantly hide any monitor that is connected with the remote computer from their view. All operations performed in the hidden screen will also be hidden from view.

Live preview

Enabling the live preview toggle bar available below each monitor’s display makes it easy to get a complete view of all operations happening in that particular monitor.


Enabling the Notifications slider allows the display of alerts when changes are made in any of the monitors. Disabling this attribute stops all operational alerts.

Full screen

As the name suggests, the full screen mode lets you easily view any monitor in full screen.

Switching between monitors

You can switch between multiple monitors by clicking on the designated monitor and perform any necessary operations.

How do you get access to this brand-new enhancement?

Customers who are using the paid edition can start using multi-monitor navigation immediately. The feature and its extensive attributes can be accessed using the following steps:

  • Navigate to the chat window during an active remote support session.

  • The list of monitors connected to the remote computer will now be displayed.

  • Click on a monitor of your choice to access it instantly.

Multi-monitor navigation: The less-time consuming enhancement:

As mentioned earlier, access to multiple monitors makes it easier to offer top-notch and efficient remote support services under a shorter time to all your customers. Try out this feature in Assist’s trial edition and share your feedback in the comments section below.


18 Replies to Connect and view multiple monitors concurrently during a session

  1. Thank you for the work on improving viewing multiple monitors! I have a couple of questions about keyboard navigation options. 1) Are there any ways to navigate the multiple monitor settings via the keyboard? (changing from one view to another, accessing a side bar, etc.) 2) Are there any ways to navigate the remote computer via the keyboard? (For instance, Chrome Remote Desktop has an option to "Send system keys" when it goes into full screen mode. This allows Alt + Tab and other keyboard commands to be sent to the remote computer.)

    1. Hi Nathan. Glad that the update helped you. To answer your first question, yes, there is a keyboard shortcut to navigate between multiple monitors. If you have a Windows system, please use Ctrl+Alt+Monitor number and if you are using Mac, please use Command+Option+Monitor number. As to the second question, Assist has the Alt+Tab and other Shortkeys under the Session menu. You can make use of these shortcut keys to navigate during an active session. If you have any other queries, Kindly write to us at We would be glad to help.

  2. I love the update, it is working very well for me and my team. As for the ability to view two remote monitors on two local monitors. That would be nice but not a deal breaker.. got to love the cost ... and they keep updating the software with new and better feachers.. Love ZOHO everything.

    1. Hi Sheila, Glad to hear that you love the feature. Spanning remote monitors across multiple monitors is being planned by our team and we will start working towards it very soon. Cheers.

  3. Ah, I'm glad to hear that you guys are working on multi-screen support. :D Everyone in my company has multiple monitors and use software designed to be used with multiple monitors. They might go back and forth between two screens a half dozen times in a minute, so if there could be local dual monitor support it would make my life way way better. lol Thank you for always working on new features and such guys.

    1. Hi Matthew, Glad to hear your value feedback. The local dual monitor support that you require is in our pipeline and we will launch it in the future. Please write to us at so that we can notify you when the feature releases.

  4. Super excellent feature! Love the layout and different capabilities of it. Makes multi-monitor access very easy and fluid. Love that I can see on the right-side navigation pane that way I know if something pops up on one of the other monitors I can quickly jump to that screen as the primary focus. Can't wait to utilize it more with my clients and coworkers. Thanks and congrats to the team on getting this huge feature accomplished and into production for all. A big win for all in my book. Go Team! :)

    1. Hi Justin, Thank you for your feedback. At the moment, Assist allows you to view multiple monitors on a single screen only. Spanning across multiple monitors is a part of our pipeline and we will start working on this soon. Kindly write to us to with your registered Zoho Account so that we can notify you when we take this up in the future

    1. Hi Armando, Thank you for your feedback. We have optimized the existing multi monitor feature with this new Multi Monitor Implementation. We might not be able to provide an option to turn this off. However we would love your help to improve this feature for your requirement. Kindly write to us to from your Zoho account, so that we can better understand where you are facing trouble and improvise it accordingly at the earliest. Awaiting your reply.

  5. Hi - this is a great and much needed/wanted feature ! is there any way at all of mapping the remote monitors to the viewing monitors? ie i have 2 monitors and the PC i'm connecting to has 2 monitors. I've tried opening multiple browsers/sessions, to have one on each of my monitors but when i change the monitor on 1 of these browsers, it changes also on the other. Have also tried stretching 1 browser window to fit both my screens but this is clunky at best Maybe there's some other easy way to accomplish this?

    1. Hello Alex. Thank you for your feedback. For the initial release, we only support the ability to view multiple monitors on a single screen. The ability to view individual monitors on each local monitor as requested by you is a part of our pipeline and we will start working on this soon Kindly write to us to from your registered Zoho Account so that we can notify you when we take this up in the future.

      1. Hello Sruthi. It is difficult to understand how ZOHO has managed to miss the target (2 monitors ==> 2 monitors) with the multi-monitor feature. As a user, I have been requesting this feature for MANY years. Of course ALL of your competitors offer it. I know dozens of firms that will not use your product because it lacks this basic feature.

        1. Hello Eric, Thank you for your feedback. We have come up with this newer implementation to view multiple monitors simultaneously. The newer implementation will also help us to work on more features such as the ability to view two remote monitors on two local monitors. It is in our pipeline and our team will start working on this soon. Kindly write to us at and we will surely notify you when we release this in the future.

      2. The old system made it very simple to switch monitors. When you changed it - without notice or explanation - it has beco9me very difficult except when i most needed seamless response; then it became impossible. Why not add the old way as an option for people lime me who prefer simplicity. All you accomplished was to fix something that wasn't broken and to make it less useful than it was before you "fixed" it.

        1. Hi Fred, Thank you for your feedback. The multi-monitor navigation is a recent improvisation made in Assist to enhance and improve the user experience. Our team will love to understand where you are having trouble with the new implementation. Can you kindly write to us to with your registered Zoho Account. We would love to gather your feedback and definitely work on improving the feature for you. Awaiting to hear from you.

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