It's a wrap: Zoho Assist 2023

We are living in an era where the world runs on digital connectivity and businesses operate beyond geographic limitations. The technological backbone of smooth operations today includes effective remote support tools. Our team at Zoho Assist is committed to continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation in the remote support category to provide advanced digital solutions that empower businesses to grow and build deep connections with global audiences.

As another year comes to an end, it's time to reflect on how Zoho Assist's user-centric enhancements have improved the way technicians provide remote support to their customers and users. Here's an overview of the critical features and updates rolled out in 2023.

  • The native file transfer mode consolidates local and remote files in one window, increasing visibility and simplifying file transfers for technicians.

  • Zoho Assist facilitates direct invoicing from the platform for both remote support and unattended remote support through its remote billing feature, expediting billing for businesses.

  • Scheduled reports automate insights by generating and sharing reports at customizable frequencies, ensuring timely delivery of information.

  • Zoho Assist's unattended agent seamlessly deploys in Azure AD environments via Intune or Azure Automation, simplifying setup procedures.

  • The Remote Audio feature allows technician to listen to audio from their customer's remote device during support sessions for efficient troubleshooting.

New integrations in 2023

  • Intercom integration: Initiate remote support sessions directly from Intercom's chat section, reducing response times for issue resolution.

  • Zoho Desk for URS Support: Precisely identify and resolve issues. Easily start unattended access sessions for listed and unlisted devices with the unattended agent installation.

Mobile app enhancements

To continue improving the Zoho Assist mobile app for seamless remote support, we've introduced convenient in-app purchases for mobile app subscriptions within the Zoho Assist Remote Desktop app. This simplifies subscription management for users. Additionally, technicians can now easily check the connectivity status of configured devices for unattended access, ensuring a smoother support experience.

To prioritize privacy, the DND (do not disturb) mode automatically mutes notifications on your mobile device during Assist sessions. This protects sensitive customer information, and bolsters security measures.

Mac feature updates

Zoho Assist has introduced significant feature upgrades for Mac devices, including:

  • Enhanced screen sharing: Improve fluidity in remote sessions for iOS and Mac devices.

  • Elevate to admin: Perform various admin actions without losing remote connection.

  • URS proxy handling: Manually input proxy details for seamless connections. 

  • Auto-adapt Screen resolution: Easily adjust the screen resolution to ensure visibility and provide seamless support.

Linux feature updates

Zoho Assist has rolled out substantial feature enhancements for Linux machines.

Auto-adapt resolution is now supported on Linux. This feature enables technicians to quickly adjust the screen resolution for the optimal support experience.

For Linux servers with multiple users, technicians can initiate access to specific desktops, ensuring efficient support. Also, support for Arm-based Linux devices includes "run as service" elevation and annotations.

Additionally, the ability to view hardware details on remote Linux machines is now available, expediting troubleshooting and monitoring.

Enhanced user interface and productivity tools

We've revamped the user interface to enhance the efficiency of technicians offering remote support. In 2023, we updated the UI for the file preview and file explorer features, enabling convenient access to session recordings, notes, and screenshots. Additionally, we implemented HelpWizard to provide users with comprehensive interactive guidance. We also revamped the UI for managing devices and tools to simplify workflows and boost productivity.

What our customers say about us  

Chief Technology Officer in the IT Services Industry gives Zoho Assist 5/5 Rating in Gartner Peer Insights™ Remote Desktop Software Market.

Read the full review here:

"Zoho Assist was a product we thought would be great for using during the pandemic. Since the pandemic, nothing has reverted to the way it was before. We now use remote assist tools daily to do system admin work."
—Joe A. Rasche, Systems Admin II-Department of Computing and Cyber Security, Texas A&M University

"Security is paramount when dealing with remote connections in the maritime industry, and Zoho Assist's stringent security measures give us peace of mind. We trust that our remote sessions are always secure, no matter where our ships are in the world. Moreover, Zoho Assist's unattended access feature has been the key highlight when urgent issues arise during odd hours; we can troubleshoot and resolve problems without the crew's approval even if they are busy with their tasks, which is an incredible advantage." 
—Prema SalianHead of Cybersecurity, Infra & Emerging Technology, The Great Eastern Shipping Co. Ltd.

Major events

We've had an exceptional year filled with exciting events, connecting us with technical enthusiasts and our delighted customers. Some of the highlights include Zoholics USA, the HDI Conference, and the oneAPI DevSummit for HPC & AI in Southeast Asia 2023.