Support Android Devices Remotely Using Zoho Assist

Support android devices remotely

Mobile apps are already incredibly important in the industrial world, and it looks like the trend isn’t going to change anytime soon. This Marketwatch report states that the BYOD and enterprise mobility market is estimated to grow up to $73.30 billion by 2021. According to Gartner, Android accounts for 81.7 percent of the 432 million devices sold during Q4, 2016. It’s likely that your customers are already using mobile apps, especially Android, for daily operations. When mobile apps are used to perform important tasks, keeping your customers satisfied with high quality support is essentialWe want to empower you to provide the best support possible, right when your customers need it. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of Zoho Assist  Customer, a dedicated app that helps you provide quality remote support straight to your customer’s Android devices.  

Through this app, your customers can share their screens in realtime while live chatting with them during the support session. If your customer is using a Samsung device, you can even access their device remotely with their consent.  

How it works 

Remotely support android devices

When one of your customers is having a problem with a mobile app and can’t fix it on their own, they’ll reach out to you for help. The first thing to do is have them download the Zoho Assist – Customer app from the Play StoreThen, you login to Zoho Assist and invite them to a support session. An invitation will be sent to their inbox. Once they click the invitation link, the Zoho Assist-Customer app will open, where you can begin the remote support session. The customer can now share their screen with you, and you’re all set to help them out.  

If you have a Zoho Assist Professional license, you’ll be able to start a remote session from anywhere. Check out our iPad and Android apps for technicians. 

So ask your customers to download the free Zoho Assist – Customer app from the Play Store, and let us know how your remote support session goes. We’d love to get your feedback.


7 Replies to Support Android Devices Remotely Using Zoho Assist

  1. Congrats on the new feature! I was super excited about this post so I hurried to go try it out. Unfortunately neither of the tests I performed succeeded in connecting even though I could install the app and open it. Both devices were Samsung so TouchWhiz must be a deal breaker. It would be great to see Samsung's devices supported in the future. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hello, Dan. Could it be that you were viewing/accessing the Customer’s screen through the Windows viewer? The back button isn’t supported in the Windows viewer yet. However, you can view/access the customer’s screen through your web browser (Try Chrome). Here’s how you can do that: When you go to and start a remote support session, you’ll be taken to the “Download installer” page. In that page, click the link in the dotted banner (“Click here to access android devices remotely”). You’ll then be able to resume the support session from your browser. There’s also another way. Download the Zoho Assist - Technician from the" rel="nofollow">play store or the" rel="nofollow">app store. And start the session from there. If you need more assistance, please write to We’ll be happy to help.:)

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