Supporting mobile devices is an easier job now with our mobile SDK for iOS and Android.

rom booking a taxi to ordering food, mobile apps have become part-and-parcel of everything we do. With this extent of use, every business needs to ensure its app is pleasant and easy to use.

But, something is bound to go wrong with your app at some point, or a new customer might find it hard to figure how to navigate your app.

Apart from the need to help customers with your mobile app, you may also want to control a kiosk or a mobile device you are trying to monitor using an MDM or RMM software.

What’s the solution in hand?

Yes, remote support is a great idea. Wouldn’t it be better if your customers could join remote support directly from your app? Enable your users to start a support or screen sharing session from your app, rather than having them download a remote control app or go to their browser.

Here’s our software development kit that will help you do so. This software development kit will help you integrate remote support capabilities into an application, allowing your customer to join a remote support session from your own app whenever the need arises.

But, does this integration require advanced technical skills?

Not at all. Our software development kit is simple and comprehensive, so even people who aren’t well-versed in mobile app development will be able to complete the integration.

Check out the Zoho Assist SDK in action

The software development kit—which is available for both Android and iOS—has a bundle of Zoho Assist’s features:

A Customizable User Interface

Our software development kit offers you a set of tools that allows you to customize the user interface. You can place Zoho Assist wherever you want in the app, give it a color of your choice, and choose callbacks you need.

Screen Sharing

Looking at the user’s screen makes instructing your customer to solve a problem or showing them around your application much easier. Zoho Assist SDK for both iOS and Android has screen sharing functionality to help you seamlessly view what’s on your customer’s screen.

Remote Control

In addition to screen sharing, if you are able to control a device, you can solve problems with greater ease. Our Android SDK also allows you to control a device remotely if it’s a Samsung, Sony Xperia, or Lenovo device.

Instant Chat

Apart from helpful functionalities like screen sharing and remote control, the instant chat feature allows you to stay in touch with your customers while on a remote session. With the chat feature, you won’t need external messaging services to communicate with your customers.

Our SDK has a lot more to offer

If you can see and control a device, you’ll surely be able to solve some of your customer’s problems. But, some issues are deep-rooted and might need more time and better tools that aid troubleshooting. In the coming months, our SDK will also have features like file transfer, annotation, and voice and video chat.

We hope our SDK will be immensely helpful in meeting your customers’ needs. Click here to drop us your requirements. And email us at if you have any questions about our mobile SDK.

Do leave us a line below, we’d love to know what you think.




4 Replies to Supporting mobile devices is an easier job now with our mobile SDK for iOS and Android.

  1. I would love to talk to your team about creating a custom remote support app for Trimble Navigation Android precision agricultor displays.

  2. I have started a trial of Access. I am connecting to another computer in my office just to see how the functions work. I am not able to see remote print. It is not an option on my screen. Is this because it is a trial?

    1. Hi Janet, Thanks for trying out Zoho Assist. We have two types of technician consoles one the browser-based HTML5 and application-based Active X. The Remote Print option is available only with the Active-X console. You can choose the type of technician console by navigating to Settings > General > Preferences > Technician Console. If your organization has a mobile app do try our latest release Mobile SDK. Please let me know if you have any questions about Zoho Assist.

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