Zoho Assist: Getting rid of that invisible man!

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Have you ever encountered an invisible man who stands like a wall between you and your remote computer? He stops you from controlling the remote computer, and you wouldn’t know why. And, your customer will be equally clueless after handing over her computer to you for troubleshooting. Now, this is a moment of frustration only IT pros can relate to.

If you are one such IT pro, you would’ve by now deciphered who this invisible man is. Yes, it is the User Access Control (UAC) window that appears only on the secure desktop and not the normal desktop of the Windows PC. UAC is a security setting enabled in Windows operating systems, starting from Vista. So, wouldn’t it be great if you could have a remote solution that is UAC-compatible?

Zoho Assist is one remote support software that is UAC-compatible; it intuitively detects the UAC window on the remote computer and displays the Run As Service notification. After you click Run As Service, you can continue your session with administrator privileges, which enables you to access the UAC window. And, all this you get without spending a cent, because UAC compatibility is available in the free version.

Benefits of Run As Service

With Run As Service enabled, you can restart your remote computer, even in the safe mode and get connected to the session. You can also perform various administrative tasks, such as lock the computer, log off the user, and change the password. Please note that these features are available only in the professional edition. If you haven’t checked out these features yet, take up the 30-day free trial and see it work like a charm on you and your customers.

In Google Chrome, even the visible man is gone!

Yes, Google Chrome fans have a lot to cheer about; the visible man called ‘Authentication’ is done with! You can start your sessions instantly without having to enter your user name or password.

With the recent update, after you install Zoho Assist app for free from Chrome Web Store, you don’t have to sign up! Simply click your app and start a session right away.

Pay nothing. Support your customers instantly.

Watch this space for more updates.


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