Bigin in 2020 - A quick replay

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4 Replies to Bigin in 2020 - A quick replay

  1. Features I wish for, 3CX phone system integration, Ability to reorganize fields when entering a new deal/contact/company, and assign a contact/company/deal to a group/terretoy.

    1. Hi Raul, thank you for the comment! At present, you can rearrange tabs inside any module. For fields however, we're currently working on it and we'll update you once it's live. For a 3CX integration, the best idea is to raise this to 3CX themselves–since all 3CX integrations are only made available from their end. That should do the trick. Lastly, you can still assign contacts, companies and deals to any fellow user. Just not to a group or territory, yet. We'll see what we can do about it. Thanks again!

  2. Waiting for Zoho Bigin and Books integration. And most important triggers for workflow based upon close date so that we can send auto expiry followup emails to customers or raise task for sales team for followup.

    1. Hi Shrikant, Thanks for the comment! The Bigin - Zoho Books integration is coming soon and is likely to be live by February. We're also working on date-based triggers that you've requested. We'll definitely keep you posted!

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