Five and a half ways to stay connected with customers: Bigin

It's a no-brainer that new business owners often have a tough time juggling tasks. Adapting to work from home, finding new buyers and staying in touch with your current customers can easily stress out a small business owner.

People in the small business hustle right now could probably use a leg-up to help them keep up with the competition.

 That's why we came up with five and a half ways (you heard that right) to help you stay connected with your customers and contacts as a Bigin user.

1. Built-in telephony and email

Here’s a fun fact: large organizations go out of their way to get a telephone system despite having a CRM already in place. They are stern believers in CRM and PBX going hand in hand, and it works for them. Why?

Because, for some customers, nothing works better than picking up the phone and telling a business what they want. It’s convenient, responses are instant, and most importantly, their point gets across.

We also know that for small business owners, too many different applications can:
a) run up expenses
b) clutter your workflow

That’s why we designed Bigin with a built-in telephony system.
Bigin’s built-in telephony lets you make calls and update call records automatically.

On the email front, Bigin lets you add your own business email and associate every incoming email with a corresponding contact. With this system, you can send mass emails, and even analyze your campaign performance with email insights.

Bigin's telephony and email features let you get creative, make every call personal, and send curated emails.

2. Zoho Meetings

Having adapted to selling from home, it's starting to look like sales teams have found a new niche. Zoho Meetings is here to make your remote sales even better.  

Since meetings, presentations, and video conferences are an essential part of winning customers and gaining leads, Bigin has a seamless integration with Zoho Meetings.

Zoho Meetings' crisp quality, user-friendly interface, and plug-and-play integration has all your presentations and webinar needs covered by completely syncing with your Bigin records.

3. G-Suite and MS Office integrations

Bigin is built to collaborate.

Designed to give you the best of both worlds, Bigin integrates with both G-Suite and MS Office. Both suites can link with Bigin to transfer data and sync records instantly.

With the G-Suite and MS Office integrations, you can sync your contacts and calendar events with Bigin's records and use both applications in parallel.

4. Twitter

We wanted to give small business owners some features to help you keep up with your contacts on social media.

The Bigin Twitter feature will help you stay updated on what your customers and leads have to say, while helping you learn about their likes and dislikes, preferences, trends, and their tweet history.

In addition to all this, you can tweet, reply, continue threads, and perform all native twitter functions to better engage prospects without ever having to leave Bigin.

5. Zoho Campaigns

We've got your email marketing covered too!

Zoho Campaigns lets you create stunning email newsletters for customers and subscribers, helping you build a strong customer base. You can even track and analyze campaign performance to optimize your marketing. You can easily set up campaigns, manage subscribers, create forms, and automate flows from your Bigin window just by integrating Zoho Campaigns with Bigin.

The other half: Automation 

A simple nudge in the right direction every now and then can be a big help.
Bigin’s automation does just that.

Trust us, it is such a helpful feature that we had to make extra space for it in our list.

The easy automation fills in for you at the right moments to keep your work steady and streamlined. From prompting email replies to keeping multiple workflows running at full capacity, Bigin's automation keeps your business alive and kicking at all times.

Here are a few tasks that Bigin's automation can help you with:

1. Automatically send welcome email to a new prospect.

2. Alert sales reps with deal closures with SalesSignals.

3. Send automatic reminders for high priority tasks and notify contacts on deadlines and due-dates.

So, congratulations on quickly adapting to the recent changes in your working style.
The future belongs to businesses that maintain strong customer relations and make improvements in their service.

Now that Bigin has you covered, your business will have everything it needs to move into the future.




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