The Zoho Bookings and Zoho Meeting integration is now free!

Zoho Bookings-Meeting integration is now free for all users

As businesses look for ways to continue offering services in this era of social distancing, the obvious solution is to meet clients virtually.

That's why Zoho Bookings is making our Zoho Meeting integration available for free. Originally part of our premium plan, this integration lets you connect Bookings with Zoho Meeting so that when someone schedules an appointment, an online meeting is automatically created. A link to join the meeting will show up in the appointment confirmation, the summary, and the email notifications you've set up.

With this integration in place, you can meet with one client at a time online. That means you can stay close without getting close.

Let's say you're a legal consultant. Normally, your client would book an appointment, walk in, and walk out an hour later with their problems relatively resolved.

If you meet online, they'll log into your meeting at the specified time, you'll discuss their issues, and they'll log off, just as satisfied as they'd be offline.

Nothing changes when you meet online except that it's safer and involves no travel. It's as easy as talking on the phone.

The Zoho Bookings integration with Zoho Meeting is free until July 1, 2020

How to set up online meetings for your appointments

Step 1: Integrate

    • Click the Settings icon > Integrations > Other and choose Enable Zoho Meeting
    • In the pop-up that appears, click Accept

Step 2: Enable online meetings for your services

    • Click Settings > Services and select a service
    • On the right side of the panel, toggle the switch that says Create online meeting

We're all learning to adapt to our new normal, and we hope this feature will help you continue business as (close to) usual as possible.

Give Zoho Bookings a try. If you have any questions about making the most of your work-from-home stint, please reach out to—we're available 24 hours, every weekday.

Good luck, and stay safe.


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