Introducing the New Zoho Books: Smart Accounting for Growing Businesses

If you think accounting for your business is complicated, then you haven’t been using Zoho Books. Today we’re pleased to release the latest version of our online accounting software. Of course it makes accounting for your business so much easier, even enjoyable, but that’s not all there is to it. With Zoho Books you can invoice customers and get paid online quickly, track time and expenses you incur for your business while on the go, and it even helps you prepare and submit your year end forms.

Automating and Simplifying Accounting

Revamped Banking in Zoho Books

One of the biggest changes you’ll notice when trying out the new Zoho Books is the beautiful new UI. But it is much more than just a cosmetic change. We’ve re-worked the most common workflows to make sure they are not only easy to understand, but also easy to do. For example, we completely revamped the banking module. Bank reconciliation is typically one of the most tedious things to do, and Zoho Books not only makes it now simple, but it also does most of the work for you. It automatically categorizes marks the transactions it finds in your bank’s feed so you don’t have to.

Mobile Accounting

Mobile Accounting

Modern business professionals are always on the go. And now you can take your accounting, and all the relevant financial information about your business with you too. Our brand new mobile apps for iOS and Android will help you track expenses, and send quotes and invoices. In addition, we are introducing our first Windows Mobile app, which helps you keep track of your expenses while on the go.

Easier Customer Interactions

Client Portal For Customers

The new edition of Zoho Books sports a new client portal. Using the portal makes it easy for your clients to approve or comment on the quotes and invoices you’ve sent them, view their recent transactions and most importantly, they can also pay you for any outstanding invoices, thus shortening the time it takes for you to get your money.

File 1099s with ease

We know that year end is always a busy time for you as you file the 1099s for your vendors. Our recent integrations with and will help you prepare and e-file the 1099s quickly in a painless manner.

Beyond Time Tracking

Time-tracking made easy

If you’re a freelancer or a business that charges customers based on time, you’ll be delighted by the new features that help you go faster from time tracking all the way to getting paid. Our new calendar and weekly time sheet views help you ensure you don’t forget to invoice for any hours you’ve already worked. You can also quickly log the time and expenses you incur on behalf of your customers on our mobile apps.

APIs, and a lot more under the hood

If you’re reading this we know you can’t be bothered with the technicalities of accounting – all you want to do is run your business. So we’re not going to bore you with every single feature that is new and every technical detail that make this such a big release. In a separate post by our engineering team we‘ll explain, for example, how our app is built 100% on REST APIs, and how we have no hidden APIs for ourselves. Does that sound like technical gibberish to you? Well, all you need to know for now is that all that under-the-hood work means that there will be many interesting collaborations with third parties coming up soon.



5 Replies to Introducing the New Zoho Books: Smart Accounting for Growing Businesses

  1. Great invoice service! One of the best features in the new layout was the link from an invoice to the recurring invoice. Sadly, it seems that it disappeared. Any chance of having it there again? Cheers Jan

  2. the new interface is superb! it would be useful to customize / tune the position of elements in the edition of template (invoice, credit ...). for example, place the block address to the right, specifying the position in mm. The same applies to the position of the date of the general conditions, etc ... html editor was allowing the, but was too complicated and did not allow certain functions currently available with the new templates. (sorry for my english, I speak french)

  3. Been using ZB since Feb 2013 and so far it's worked great for me. And nope it doesn't have every single feature I'd desire but this new release is great and it's a pleasure to use. Plus I wanted a cloud based solution and this integrated nicely with CRM. Looking forward to ongoing changes and enhancements as I know it's only going to get better and better. But it's a great product for my use as it is today.

  4. I am really Happy you improved Zoho Books I was really not shure to take Zohobooks because we can not take photo of the bills. It is really useful to track them ! I am actually trying Zohobooks because I use ZohoCRM and I want a complete solution. You should creat tutorial ( video ) on how to use the Zoho books. I juste find one on you tube but it was explaining the big picture not the day to day. You have great video for Zoho CRM. I have a service company in canada ( Painting business )

  5. The new UI in Books looks great. Happy to see Zoho add additional functionality and continuing to improve the user experience. You guys rock!

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