LiveDesk + Zoho Support = Instant Customer Happiness

It’s getting late, and you’re tired, dare I even say cranky. I can call you that, because if I miss a meal, ney, even have to wait a few minutes for one, I morph into captain cranky–so I definitely feel your pain.

Yet, you can’t pack it in and call it a day because business being business, it must be taken care of, and it must be taken care of today. You have to get your boss added to the system, and you need to be able to export that report for a presentation on Monday. The problem is today is Friday, and today is quickly expiring.

Step one, you’ve got to track down your vendor’s contact information. What is that guy’s email? You just asked him a question… Quick search through your inbox, scan of your contacts, still can’t find it. You remember you called their support team a few weeks back, but you don’t have that number handy either. Hop on over to their site, check out their contact us page, but before you can start dialing the most enticing thing you’ve seen all day catches your eye. The little icon beckoning you to chat and get an instant answer.

And BOOM, within five minutes Patricia has added your boss to your company’s portal, exported your report, and smoothed over some configuration issues you were having–something you had forgot you had emailed about earlier in the week.

Thankfully for you, your sanity, and your weekend plans–your software vendor, Zillium, is using Zoho LiveDesk completely integrated with their help desk software, Zoho Support. So from the moment you initiated the chat, Patricia had the complete details of you, your company’s account and your recent support requests handy within her chat window. With instant access to the information she needed, she was able to answer your questions faster, provide you support exactly tailored to your needs, and even resolve multiple issues in one, pain-free interaction.

Instant Support in the context of your existing customer relationships

As you drive home relaxed and grinning, you find yourself briefly puzzling how Patricia could handle so many issues so quickly–it must be magic, you laugh. Yet a mile later it’s all forgotten, the only thing on your mind is your weekend plans.

Had she shared her secret with you–though magicians, even of the customer support kind, never reveal their secrets–you would be recommending Zoho LiveDesk integrated with Zoho Support to your company’s Director of Operations, so your customer support team could wow customers like Patricia and Zillium.

The magic begins with one-click ability to integrate LiveDesk with Zoho Support, instantly unlocking the power of your customer support database. With the ability to chat with customers from your sites, within the context of your existing relationships, it has never been easier to deliver happiness to your customers.

Deliver instant happiness to your customers

Whenever you chat with a current customer you get a quick view of their details from Zoho Support instantly. Click to go deeper and find more helpful information, no searching, scrolling or copy and pasting needed. You now have the knowledge of how you can better support each and every customer, and as we all know, knowledge is power.

Save time and money with instant access to the complete support picture

View related, recent and open requests from the customer you are chatting with as you chat. Dive into a customer’s issues and solve them all in one resource-saving chat, even closing out the requests without leaving the chat window.

Listen and learn from your instant interactions

Chat with customers and log them alongside all your customer support related interactions in one, organized place inside Zoho Support. With a complete picture of your customer support relationships across channels, you can learn more about what your customers need and how they prefer to be served.

All you need to combine the power of live chat with Zoho Support’s help desk software is to have a Professional or Enterprise subscription to LiveDesk and link it to any paid edition of Zoho Support. Discover more about configuring the integration and start wowing your customers with instant support within the context of your existing relationships.



3 Replies to LiveDesk + Zoho Support = Instant Customer Happiness

  1. Thank you for your comment on Zoho Assist. We did detect few issues with the current version of Zoho Assist. As you know we are already working on a new version that is in the testing phase now. The new version is focused on better speed and stability. We are not adding any new features to the new version but enhance the performance of the existing features. I shall enable the early access of the new version on your account once it is ready.

  2. Does this work now smoothly ? We had a very bad experience 2 years ago when using Zoho Assist/Meeting which we were using for Live-Support for our customers. The speed was very slow then and we kept paying for it for months on assurance that it will be rectified soon. Improvements were done but our customer's kept complaining since the speed/performance was no-where near to other competing products available in market. I in person love the company Zoho and its productizing ability and deliver-ability. Rk

    1. Hi Rk, We are constantly working on improving our products including Zoho Assist. LiveDesk is a completely different service, to provide instant support to your customers through "Chat". Please take a trial and let us know your feedback. More details @ Thanks for your love :) Jeri

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