Announcing Happiness Ratings for Zoho Support

The ultimate goal for any business is to acquire more customers and serve them in the best way possible. Sounds simple and straightforward, doesn't it?

Yes, it does. But that's only when all customers are alike. In reality, customers come in as many varieties as you can think of: different behavior, different tastes, different levels of understanding, different degrees of need and so many more.

Suddenly, your simple and straightforward goal becomes tricky and complicated. But, all's not over.

Professionals in the customer service function, over the last decade or so, have managed to develop methods to measure customer satisfaction. Customer service itself has evolved so much in the last few years, to the extent that customer 'satisfaction' is no longer good enough. At Zoho, we've always believed that Customer Happiness should be our goal. With Zoho Support, we believe it should be our customers' goal too!

Happiness Ratings for Zoho Support

With that firm belief, we've built Happiness Ratings for Zoho Support

What's a Happiness Rating?

A Happiness Rating is a response that your customers give, about how happy they were interacting with your company. When asked a simple question after a service experience, we've observed from our own experience that customers love giving feedback. So, we built exactly that.

One question is all you have to ask your customers. That's how straightforward it is to collect Happiness Ratings on Zoho Support.

So, what happens after I receive ratings from customers?

Right away, you can show them off on your customer self-service portal. For unhappy customers, you can follow up with them and reopen tickets. Customers are most likely to help you improve, because they want a good experience next time too!

Does that mean I can ask for a rating only once?

No, of course not. You can ask them for a rating as many times as you want in any ticket. After a thumbs down rating, you can make it up to the customer and win a thumbs up again. Happiness Ratings are built to be flexible. So, they fit right into your customer service process.

I get so many tickets in a day! How do I keep track of ratings?

Oh, that's pretty simple. We've built two specific reports just for Happiness Ratings. One of them lets you see ratings you've received, from most recent to least recent. The other lets you see ratings by agent, so you know which agent created more happiness at any point of time.

They're simple and straightforward. They can be setup in a couple of minutes. And, they work flexibly with your customer service process.

That's all you need to track and optimise your efforts towards creating more happiness. That's Happiness Ratings for Zoho Support.

Go ahead. Be awesome and deliver great customer service!


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