Unveiling the latest Zoho Desk updates for iOS 17 and iPad OS 17

Apple recently announced the release of iOS 17 and iPad OS 17. These latest OS updates come with a host of enhancements that offer users swift and interactive experiences. We've incorporated these updates into Zoho Desk to give you better user experiences and improve the overall efficiency of customer service teams.  

Let's take a look at all the enhancements.

Ticket management is just a click away

With iOS 17 and iPad OS 17, Apple provides interactive home screen experiences.

Zoho Desk has introduced actionable widgets for managing tickets on your Apple device.

Support agents must remain responsive and focused so that customer requests don't get missed. At Desk, we have simplified ticketing through interactive widgets for iPhone and iPad.  We have introduced two new updates for support teams to manage their tickets in a quick and flexible manner.

1.The newly added Pending Approvals widget will empower supervisors to manage requests from their staff from anywhere, anytime.

Approvals are just a click away. This can save a lot of time and offer quick turnaround for customers.

 2.Support reps can now stay proactive with their ticket assignments from their devices. This update will expedite the resolution process and help teams keep track of tickets on the go.

Simple and clear ticket visibility

With the new OS enhancement for iPad, Apple offers users the ability to view updates on locked iPad screens. Zoho Desk users can now take a quick glance at the open ticket count right from their iPad's dormant lock screen.

Besides, we have also added the quick search icon to fetch information quick and easy.

Mac Sonoma for Zoho Desk users

With the latest update, support teams can view all crucial info available on their phone via a Mac screen.This can help agents prioritise tasks and schedule their works from laptop, without having to go back and forth between the devices.  

StandBy for glanceable info

iOS 17 includes StandBy mode, which presents a full-screen display of glanceable information, ideal for viewing notifications, widgets, and more from a distance when your iPhone is on its side and charging. Often times we might need some info when the phone is charging and the standby mode can be a great way to take a quick peek.

Taking advantage of this unique capability, Zoho Desk has introduced the Ticket Stat view in StandBy mode. With the new update, customer service agents can quickly view open and overdue tickets from the idle home screen, even if their phones are not directly in front of them.


Quick info is at a click away!

With the release of iOS 17, we have automated our home screen shortcuts. 

You can do a quick search through the intelligent spotlight feature in the Apple devices.We have integrated this smart feature to fetch any data from Zoho Desk while you're using the phone or tablet.

At Zoho Desk, we work hard to keep up with the ever-evolving tech landscape and we are committed to giving our customers the best possible user experience.

We hope the new interactive features we've introduced help your service team continue to stay on top of its game!

Click on the link to update your Zoho Desk app with the latest iOS and iPad OS 17 updates ----> https://zurl.co/TXEH

Watch the updates in action: 


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