Comments, Content and Conversations: Zoho Campaigns has a new feature!

Darrell is really excited. She just sent out her bimonthly newsletter and she can’t wait for the results of the campaign to come in. This email newsletter is very different from the newsletters that she usually sends out. The current edition speaks about the new menu and the weekend chef’s specials that she introduced at her restaurant a few days back. Her mailing list includes not just her regular customers but also those one-time visitors who left their email addresses in her Guest Book.

This is also the first time that Darrell is trying out Recipient Comments in her email template. She is eager to see how this turns out.

Shortly after the campaign is sent out, she is pleasantly surprised to see the comments pouring in directly to her Zoho Campaigns account. Most people seemed to love the menu, many wanted more dishes and some of them were already asking her to book a table for them. The feedback was quick and almost instant.

Darrell is happy that she didn’t have to depend on a survey or a questionnaire that would have taken a lot more time to execute. She was able to do both — promote her new menu and also get a lot of feedback right away — with Recipient Comments in Zoho Campaigns!

If you are a marketer like Darrell, you can now allow your email recipients to add comments to the email as they read the content. You need to add the comment icon while designing your email template. Adding this icon works exactly like a merge tag.

When your recipient clicks the icon, it will open out the email template in a web browser. The recipient can add comments right there in the comment box and even view other comments.


As the sender of the email campaign, you can control what comments you want to show and what to hide (like permissions). The entire discussion can be seen right inside your Zoho Campaigns account once an email campaign is sent out. The Recipient Comments section under Reports give you all the details.

There’re a number of ways in which Recipient Comments can help you:

Instant and quick feedback

You do not have to depend on long surveys or a questionnaire for quick feedback from your customers. By letting your recipients add comments right from the inbox, they can pen their thoughts as they read your email content.

It’s more than just numbers

How do you usually measure the performance of your campaigns? Click-through rates, open rates or the number of likes or tweets? With Comments, you get more than just numbers — you get to read what your recipients actually feel — from inside your Zoho Campaigns account.

You build an active community of your email recipients

With comments, you can encourage your email recipients to share their thoughts, not just with you, but with the entire mailing list. Comments start a conversation among your email recipients and this engagement can be further increased with every campaign. You can also use social media with email comments to widen your reach.

To make comments work for you in your email campaigns, you need to encourage your recipients to start this conversation. You can invite your readers to comment by asking a question before ending your email content. And if you think your email template is too long, you can encourage comments between sections. You do not have to stick to the comment icon alone; you can also use the merge tag and link it to any text in your template.

Do let us know how comments work in your email campaigns. We can’t wait to hear your experience!


5 Replies to Comments, Content and Conversations: Zoho Campaigns has a new feature!

  1. Looks great and I'm keen to use it, but how do I apply to my emails? I cannot see it as an option in the edit page, even in the Merge area, should I be looking elsewhere? Thanks Tim

  2. Fantastic Feature !!!! But I would recommend to place a Button ( at Template Level ) =with the ability to open the Email Campaign on a Browser. So we can motivate readership to comment NOT TOO MANY people click the default top Blue Hyperlink to view Campaign in Browser .

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