Zoho Books for Windows 8.1, simplifying small business accounting

We don’t always come together, but when we do, we make sure we give you the best. In collaboration with the tech giant, Microsoft, we’ve launched our maiden app for the Windows store – Zoho Books for Windows 8.1, an online accounting app for growing businesses.


Freelancers and small business owners who use Windows 8.1, can now effortlessly keep track of the two most important things of your business – receivables and expenditures. Yeah, we hear your sigh of relief! As a start to building the complete package, we’ve designed the app on a beautiful interface which makes these two financial imperitives incredibly easy. That’s not all; there’s a lot more you can do with the app:


1.  Invoice Instantly


Send instant invoices to your clients and record payments. Customize your invoice preferences like discounts, additional charges and invoice numbers. Add multi-currency invoicing so that and you’ve got the perfect invoicing tool for doing business globally.


2.  Track All Expenses


Track expenses you’ve incurred and categorize them by type, identify and cut down on unnecessary expenditures. You can snap and attach expense receipts, like the office supplies you purchased, for future reference.


3.  Get Business Insights


Get instant insights into your business with interactive graphs and charts rather than drowning in information overload. Filter and view the  dashboard data based on various periods of the financial year.


4.  Organize Contacts


Add unlimited business contacts. Capture important  details like currency, email, phone, and billing address in a single place.


5.  Maintain Items


Do  away with typing the product name and its price every time you create an invoice. Let Zoho Books do it for you. Create and maintain both products and services as items, with predefined prices.


 If you want the full benefit of the cloud, you need to be able to access it anywhere, anytime. With Zoho Books for Windows 8.1, Zoho now supports the entire array of Microsoft platforms, including phones, tablets as well as desktops. You may not want to do business all the time, but when you need to, Zoho Books has you covered.


12 Replies to Zoho Books for Windows 8.1, simplifying small business accounting

    1. Hi, It is priced at 24$ per month or 240$ a year, with a 2 month discount. The mobile apps are always free. They are only an extension of the web app. Regards, Harish

    1. Hi Mark, The current version of Zoho Books may not completely meet the UK accounting standards. We are working on the UK version of Zoho Books. It is in its final stages and will be out soon. I'll keep you posted on this. Regards, Harish

    1. Hi Alan, The Zoho Books iPhone app is available in the apple store. It can also be used on the iPad. However, we've developed an exclusive iPad app and it will be out soon. Regards, Harish

    1. Hi Rakesh, By cost implications, you mean the subscription cost for Zoho Books? If you are referring to the app, it is free for download in the Windows market. Regards, Harish

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