Announcing Google+ Hangouts integration with Zoho apps!!

Integrating Zoho apps with Google Apps has always been a top priority for us, and we want to keep that going. Today we’re pleased to announce Google+ Hangouts is now integrated with two of our popular apps – Zoho Recruit and Zoho Connect.

Here’s a quick run-through on what that means:

Zoho Recruit – Google+ Hangouts:

Phone interviews are a thing of the past. With our new Google+ Hangout integration, recruiters can start a Google+ Hangout session with a candidate or a group of candidates through both the Candidates and Interviews pages in Zoho Recruit.

It takes a single click to start a hangout, and then you can invite others to join. Conduct “pre-interviews” with candidates – discuss the job requirements, company culture, and answer candidates’ questions. Not only can this save a company time and money, it can also help narrow down candidates before scheduling face-to-face interviews. This is especially helpful when recruiting candidates who live in different states or even different countries.

Zoho Connect – Google+ Hangouts:

Zoho Connect boosts collaboration across your business. Now being able to start Hangout calls instantly, with entire Connect groups or just single individuals, takes this even further. Sometimes a quick video call can wrap up a long discussion thread much faster, so you can stay focused.

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 11.06.42 am

We’re taking collaboration to the next level today by bringing the power of Google+ Hangouts to Zoho apps.

Thanks to the team at Google for their cooperation throughout. We’re working on integrating Google+ Hangouts with more Zoho apps…stay tuned!

And if you have feedback about the new features, drop us a line. We’re all ears!


3 Replies to Announcing Google+ Hangouts integration with Zoho apps!!

  1. Amazing! But could you explain a little better about the apps. Where to get it? Price? Link? When? You make a lot of development, but what about moving into the international world and letting us using the 24 hour clock. Its annoying every time you have to schedule a task or meeting in CRM. And a Danish translation. How difficult could that be. Norway has got a translation years ago.

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