Zoho is now a Google Apps Premier Technology Partner


19 integrated apps. 50+ integrations. Over 100,000 common customers.

Zoho is one of the leading vendors in the Google Apps Marketplace. Over the past four years, we’ve integrated 19 Zoho apps with Google Apps across every category.

Zoho and Google Apps

Together with Google, we have over 50 points of integration — every one of them deep enough to be useful. More than 100,000 businesses are taking advantage of these integrated apps right now.

Google Apps Premier Technology Partner

What does it mean to be a Google Apps Premier Technology Partner?

For you, it means you’ll see even more integrations between Zoho and Google Apps (our recent integration with Google+ Hangouts is an example) all providing a more seamless experience.

For us, this new program helps us stay connected with Google on both the technology and product front as well as for marketing and sales.  This will enable us to build deeper, richer product integrations and serve more joint customers.

We look forward to creating even more ways to make you productive with Google Apps and Zoho.



4 Replies to Zoho is now a Google Apps Premier Technology Partner

  1. As a user of ZOHO Recruit I've been waiting, and waiting, for Recruit Calendar sync with Google Calendar. Ditto for the contacts? Any hope of this happening soon? It was promised as happening "very soon" over a year ago. I'm still waiting for followup.

  2. Hey Prinka, I'm the Product Manager responsible for Zoho - Google integrations.. Can you please email me at naveenv@zohocorp directly with the questions that you may have about the integrations.. Will take it forward from there! Naveen. V

  3. It looks interesting combination. I (and my team members) have called and emailed plenty times to get answers on some of these questions. But your team just does not respond. We use Google business apps and were really interested in Zoho.

  4. Since 2009 we (INTERNET OVERAL, alliance partner in the Netherlands) believe Zoho is making the right steps with integrating Google Apps services with Zoho CRM. With this statement of today we receive the confirmation again we are both on the same strategy since we both believe Public Cloud is becoming more important for SME businesses. Thanks Zoho. Best regards Jean-Paul Damen (CEO) Zoho Alliance partner INTERNET OVERAL

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