Zoho BugTracker comes with a few goodies

Any programmer worth their job knows that a source control system is crucial for their software development. Source control is something we all should do. But having a good source control system in place makes it easier for you to maintain the codes and avoid irreparable damages to your software program.

Needless to say what Version Control System (VCS) you use makes you feel it is your most reliable and safe system to store your codes.

Today we’re glad to launch the Bitbucket Integration with Zoho BugTracker. The new Bitbucket integration lets you host and manage your Git and Mercurial repositories, see source commits as changesets and link a particular BugId in Bitbucket right from within Zoho BugTracker.


You may wonder, whether it is reliable to host codes online. Well, managing your codes, in the cloud has clear advantages. Here’re our reasons :

  • Easy to learn and set up – quickly learn to set up an online source repository within few hours
  • Reliable – keeps your code secure and backed up. This way you’re less likely to lose your crucial data.
  • Collaborative – allows your team to communicate directly without affecting the central server

Finally, a couple of exciting enhancements in this update

A. Spot the new Bugs from Zoho Support  which lists bugs filed from your Zoho Support portal bug-support

B. Find the custom fields getting listed along with predefined fields when you create a Business rule for your bugs

custom-fieldsSo how do you get started ? Here is the link Bitbucket Integration.

We’re offering the Bitbucket integration for Premium and Enterprise customers of both monthly of Zoho BugTracker and Zoho Projects (Bugs Module).

Give it a try and let us know what you think at support@zohoprojects.com


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